CTIA – Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst

Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst Course

Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst Course

Analytical thinking is a quality you possess? Do you consider yourself to be a critical thinker? Your search ends here.
An organization seeking to consolidate cybersecurity measures can leverage the expertise of an Analyst (CTIA). In conventional intelligence agencies worldwide, threat intelligence is synonymous with the process of identifying and neutralizing threats before they will cause harm.
He will be a part of your organization’s cybersecurity ecosystem, staying on top of existing as well as future/unforeseen threats.
A wide range of cybersecurity experts across the globe collaborates on the development of the EC council certified threat intelligence analyst training program.
Taking internal and external threats from unknown to quantifiable entities will help mitigate business risks by exposing hidden risks that can be identified and countered.
Like a hunter-killer team, you will be trained to be a member, a job that entails identifying threats and employing the tools available to thwart active and potential cyberattacks during our cyber threat intelligence training programs.

Why become a certified threat intelligence analyst?

1. According to JTA as listed in the ‘Analyze’ category of NICE 2.0
A rigorous Job Task Analysis (JTA) is utilized for our CTIA certification to study the various roles that are involved. Professionals who wish to excel in cybersecurity can take advantage of this course.
2. Geometrically greater employability
We provide you with the latest tools and techniques for detecting, engaging, and neutralizing cyber attacks in real-time through our training program. In this way, recruiters are just waiting for you to come along!
3. SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) around the world consulted
A vast network of global subject matter experts contributed to the development of EC-Council’s cyber threat intelligence analyst certification program.

Course Content

• Threat Intelligence: An Introduction
• Kill Chains and Cyber Threats
• Plans, directions, and reviews
• Compiling and analyzing data
• Statistical Analysis
• The Dissemination of Intelligence Reports

Course Description

Duration of the course- Training Duration: 3 Days (9 AM – 5:00 PM) or 24 Hours
This certificate is awarded by- After attending the complete official CTIA course, you can challenge the CTIA exam. A cyber threat intelligence analyst certification and membership privileges are awarded to candidates who successfully pass the exam.

Exam Description

By demonstrating mastery of threat intelligence skills and knowledge, cybersecurity professionals can accomplish CTIA accreditation.
• The number of questions is 50
• Timing: 2 hours
• Access through EC-Council Exam Portal
• Multiple-choice questions are the format of the test
• 70 percent pass mark

Eligibility Criteria

CTIA Exam candidates must either:
• CTIA training at an accredited EC-Council Partner (Accredited Training Center, iWeek, or iLearn) (all candidates will be required to pay the USD100 application fee unless your course fee already includes it),
• provide evidence of at least 2 years of work experience in information security (All candidates must pay USD 100 for non-refundable application fees)

Who Is It For?

• Security Practitioners, Engineers, Analysts, Specialist, Architects, and Managers
• Threat Hunters
• Digital Forensic and Malware Analysts
• Ethical Hackers
• Threat Intelligence Analysts, Associates, Researchers, Consultants
• SOC Professionals
• Incident Response Team Members
• Cyber threat intelligence is a specialization within the field of information security. Professionals within the field of information security who want to enrich their knowledge and skills.
• Cybersecurity enthusiasts with an interest.
• Professionals with at least two years of experience in cybersecurity are welcome to apply.

Learning Objectives of CTIA

• Information security issues
• SIEM, risk management, and incident response benefit from threat intelligence
• Cyber threats, threat actors, and their goals for launching cyberattacks.
• Understanding the fundamentals (such as intelligence types, lifecycles, strategies, capabilities, maturity models, frameworks, etc.)
• There are several cyber killing chains to watch out for Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), and the pyramid of pain.
• Defining the threat intelligence program (Assessing, Planning, Directing, and Reviewing).
• Data sources, data feeds, and methods of collecting data.
• Cyber-counterintelligence (CCI), Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), Human Intelligence (HUMINT), and indicators of compromise (IoCs) are used to gather threat intelligence data.
• Collecting bulk data (parsing, converting, normalizing, sampling, storing, and visualizing).
• The types of data analysis and the techniques involve statistical data analysis, structured analysis of competing hypotheses (SACH), etc.
• Comprehensive threat analysis process including threat modeling, fine-tuning, evaluating, running a runbook, and creating knowledge bases.
• Analyzing data, modeling threats, and tracking threats.
• Composing effective intelligence reports.
• The sharing of tactical, tactical, operational, and technical intelligence is governed by different platforms, acts, and regulations.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Who is a certified cyber threat intelligence analyst?
Several advanced strategies may be employed by organizations today to extract intelligence from data by a professional-level cybersecurity threat intelligence analyst.
To ensure professional-level training programs, the curricula must comply with certain government and industry frameworks, and the curricula must be integrated with the curricula.

What is the CTIA?
Using a 360-degree approach, CTIA is a method-driven program that allows organizations to detect and prevent threats through per-emptive reports. To ensure the security of organizations, these concepts are necessary for building effective threat intelligence.

Why do organizations need a threat intelligence team?
Information on cyber threats must be collected from a variety of sources, analyzed in context, produced, and distributed to stakeholders. Obtaining intelligence about potential threat actors’ tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) can help organizations upgrade their defenses and create countermeasures. To deploy it effectively, analysts must have specialized skills and knowledge of modern attacker methodologies and mindsets.

Which CTIA program is the best?
EC-Council’s certified threat intelligence analyst training is the best program one can enroll in. Participants in this training program will build effective plans for their organization to fight cyberattacks today and prevent them in the future.

Is there a demand for Certified Threat Intelligence Analysts?
Threat Intelligence market worth will grow by $12.6 Billion by 2025. Due to the strong growth of the market, it will be in high demand.

CTIA Course Outline

Introduction to Threat Intelligence
Cyber Threats and Kill Chain Methodology
Requirements, Planning, Direction, and Review
Data Collection and Processing
Data Analysis
Intelligence Reporting and Dissemination
CTIA is for Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst whose main role is to identify the threats in a system and know the impacts of these threats. Above all it identifies the threat and gives intelligent solutions as per the threats recognized.
CSCU certification is taken by general users who tend to secure their informative assets from being lost or getting vulnerable to all kinds of attacks which can lead to insecurity of information.
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CTIA – Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst
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