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  • CCNA Certification
    Talent alone doesn’t get you anywhere. Skills to compliment your talent are just as important. And CCNA certification is your bridge to getting all the skills that you need as a talented individual in the world of technology. What the Cisco CCNA Certification is all about Cisco is a worldwide
  • 7 ways to avoid having your Twitter account hacked
    There have been several instances of Twitter accounts being attacked in recent months. With stolen information and fraudulent links, malicious hackers mainly target Accounts on Twitter with a great number of followers. In addition to possibly exploiting confidential data for financial advantage, hackers can use Twitter accounts to reveal account
  • EC-Council CCSE Course
    Cloud security professionals are like front-line workers and having proper skills to fend those security breaches away is the most important for them. Especially since they must constantly deal with the cloud security threats to organizations. That’s why EC-Council is here with its CCSE course to help you master the
  • Certified Cloud Security Engineer Certification Course
    Cyberattacks have been evolving over the years. A single incident can be daunting and have unbearable consequences. Just a quick incident response isn’t enough anymore. According to research, 66% of organizations have suffered consequences due to errors in cloud servers. When the cost an organization pays for a single security
  • EC-Council CCSE (Certified Cloud Security Engineer) Course?
    What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Cloud’? Do you recall the white cotton-like things floating in the sky first? Or do you rather think of other terms like the internet or storage? You’re in the right place if you belong to the group that thinks of the
  • CCNA exam
    The demand for CCNA certified experts is rising significantly around the corner. It is considered to be one of the most sought-after courses by experts in the IT industry. This certification is provided by Cisco for the networking experts at the associate level once you crack the CCNA exam. This
  • Interview Questions for SOC Analyst
    The rise in sophisticated attacks and data breach incidents has made businesses around the world invest significantly in security solutions and services. They are constantly looking for ways to enhance the security amenities that can help them remain protected from any kind of cyber fraud or attacks. This has to
  • Securium Solutions SOC Analyst Training Program
    Human beings aren’t perfect. They improve at everything over time but are never perfect. Anything technology-related is the same. They are created imperfect by imperfect human beings and are improved over time. But when something is imperfect, it will have a few flaws. That’s why we take measures so that
  • Malware vs Viruses
    Malware is a short form for malicious software computer programs designed to make and damage computers without the user’s consent malware is the general term covering all the different types of threats to your computer safely such as spyware, worms, rootkits, spoof, Trojan viruses, Adware, Pegasus malware, Ransomware, etc. A
  • Become a SOC Analyst
    Modern security teams rely on Security Operations Centers Analysts (SOCs). Cyber security analysts detect and respond to cyberattacks as they happen, acting as a front line of cyber defense. Let us answer some of your questions about being a successful SOC analyst! First off, what does a SOC Analyst do?
  • Security Testing
    In this article, we are yet to discuss Security Testing and How it evolved in recent Times, How it may evolve in the future. It is necessary to keep ourselves up to date on the recent methods and procedures. Especially if you belong to a security testing team, always have
  • Security-Analyst-A-Complete-Detail
    With 2 million unfilled cybersecurity positions currently, and 3.5 million by 2025, cybersecurity skills shortage is a major concern for businesses. This shortage does have an upside, since it may lead to many opportunities to enter this vast and fascinating field for those interested in cybersecurity. It’s just a question