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Securim Solutions presents EC-Council’s online CCISO Certification program that has helped many become information security professionals around the world. Pursuing our program has helped many become certified information security professionals and serve organizations taking different responsibilities. The formation of this program would not have been possible without a core team of information security executives and the CCISO Advisory Board. They helped in outlining the content that assists you to crack the exam and also get a better understanding of the subject. The board members contributed in different forms that included authors, exam writers, and quality assurance checkers, and trainers. Every single segment of the course has been designed with the prominent CISO in context. All these segments aim to help one get a complete understanding of how seasoned professionals work and what is in store for the coming generation. From development, maintenance to upgrades of successful security programs, every aspect will be covered in the course.

When it comes to the Certified CISO or CCISO program, it is a unique certification and training program that is designed with the objective of creating top information security experts. This program doesn’t solely focus on technical aspects but also helps one get a proper understanding of information security management principles from the executive’s point of view for the purpose of management. The entire program was developed by the authorized CISOs for the ones who are aspiring to be CISOs.

If you are thinking about applying for the online CCISO exam and get rewarded with the certification, then you must consider matching with the basic CCISO requirements. The ones who are not able to meet the CCISO requirements but are interested in the course, then Securium Solutions can help you with the same.

Reasons To Apply For CCISO Certification Program

When it comes to online CCISO Certification, it is one of the industry-leading courses that is acknowledged all around the world. It helps you avail real-time experience that can assist you in getting fully trained for professional life and have an excellent career ahead.

The Online CCISO program covers all the aspects to help you become applicable for the C-level position that includes: governance, strategic program development, audit management, human capital management, IS controls, and more. It also helps you with the financial expertise important to leading a successful IS program.

The CCISO program material covers an understanding of different technical aspects related to the subject. It doesn’t let you spend a lot of time understanding these technical aspects. Rather it helps you know how to imply them for your specific needs and requirements. This program aims to curb the gap between the technical understanding that many CISOs have and the executive management knowledge that CISOs are looking for.

This can be an important gap to the bridge because it helps one get to move from executive or practitioner level to management roles. Most of the time, it is learned while being on the job, but with the assistance of our online CCISO training, all of it is covered to help you get a big jump in the post of information security professional without any delay.

How to Get Certified

Qualification Requirements For CCISO Program

You can get yourself to CCISO Designation in 3 ways. Takes a look:

Self Study

The respective choice is accessible to the ones who have the required experience of working as an Information Security Management expert. The candidates who are eligible for the self-study scheme can get their Exam Eligibility Application submitted, proving that they have more than five years of experience in every CCISO domain. As and when the application is approved, they can buy an exam voice to take the exam. The credit for the experience is only granted in specific domains like professional certifications or industry-accepted and a higher degree in the field of information security.

Online CCISO Training

When it comes to this option, it is basically open to all who are interested in the field of CCISO training. The applications that are not matching the requirements of self-study can go for Official CCISO training. As and when the training is completed, applicants can sit for the CCISO exam, but for that, they need to match with the Exam Eligibility Application rule that they also have five years of IS management experience in 3 of the five domains of CCISO with training. Once the application is approved, you need to purchase the exam voucher. The ones who do not meet the requirements do have the option of sitting for the Securium Solution’s EC-Council Information Security Manager (E|ISM) exam.

The Associate CISO Program

This particular option is only accessible to the ones who do not have any experience when it comes to training or even self-study options. The candidates can opt for official CCISO training and then consider taking the EC-Council Information Security Manager (EISM) exam to be a part of the program at the associate level. As and when the required experience years are completed, the candidate can consider taking the full CCISO exam and get the certification done at discounted rates.

Exam Information

Here we bring you the exam blueprint. To get complete CCISO Certification, you need to pass the exams that cover all CCISO domains. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have in the respective domain; you must pass the exams covering all five domains. The exam consists of 15 MCQs or Multiple Choice Questions that you need to complete within two and a half hours.

About the Exam

The CCISO exam tests three cognitive levels, and the EISM exam tests two. Take a look at the levels below:

Level 1: The first level is Knowledge. It is a cognitive level of questions that are considered to check all the facts that have been memorized. It is considered to be one of the most basic levels that is rarely accepted when it comes to certifications as it doesn’t completely recognize the ability of the candidate to get the information memorized. It can be effectively taken into consideration when asking for basic standards, definitions, or any fact. This cognitive level is associated with both the EISM and CCISO exams.

Level 2: The second level is considered as Application. When it comes to this cognitive level, it is considered to acknowledge the credibility of the candidate to apply the concepts properly or not. It is very different from level 1 as you get only knowledge-based questions. Here candidates’ concept clarity is exposed. One needs to apply the concepts accurately as required. This level is accepted in both the exams of CCISO and also EISM as well.

Level 3: The last level is Analysis. When it comes to this cognitive level, it checks the ability of the candidate regarding identifying and solving different issues in various situations and contexts. It differs greatly from the above two levels. Here one’s understanding and analysis are tested to take care of the problems that might arise. This level is only accepted on the CCISO level.

Format: Multiple Choice
Number of questions: 150
Duration: 2.5 Hours

In regards to maintaining the integrity of certifications exams, Exams are in multiple forms. Every single form is assessed with the assistance of beta testing with relevant sample groups under the supervision of a subject matter committee expert. This ensures that our exams not only have academic rigor but also have the applicability of “real world” applicability.


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Certified Chief Information Security Officer

Domain 1 Governance Risk and Compliance
Domain 2 Information Security Controls and Audit Management
Domain 3 Security Program Management & Operations
Domain 4 Information Security Core Competencies
Domain 5 Strategic Planning Finance Procurement and Third-Party Management

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