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Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO) Certification & Training Course

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EC-Council CCISO Certification Training is one of the industry-leading courses that is accepted all around the world. If you would like to avail top position in the respective industry then pursuing CISO surely assists. The demand for this training is increasing as it helps you enhance your knowledge and skills in the respective domain that can earn you the best package without a doubt!

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Security Analyst and Infosec Trainer Expert in Risk Management and a Active Security researcher fond of Enlightening others about the Importance of Security and its need in Digital Space. Over his Experience he Taught more 200+ Batches all around the Globe.


Offensive Security Certified Trainer and Risk Assessment specialist in Securium Solutions plays important role in Educating others about the Risk associated with the Digital World. Expertise in Forensics, R&D helps Corporates and Students to gain more n more from his Trainings.

CCISO Course Description

EC-Council CCISO Certification program has helped many become information security professionals around the world and serve organizations taking different responsibilities. The formation of this CCISO Training program would not have been possible without a core team of information security executives and the CISO Advisory Board. They helped in outlining the content that assists you to crack the exam and also get a better understanding of the subject.

In fact, this ethical hacking course online program has been designed as per the latest trends. The experts in our team study all about the latest trends and then get the courses updated keeping every bit in mind. So, you get to pursue the courses as per the latest demands that can help you have an excellent future ahead.

When it comes to CCISO Certification Training, it is the first of its kind certification and training course known for providing top Information Security professionals. The CCISO course is not only focused completely on the technical understanding but also on the different management principles as well. Here you get to learn more about information security management as well. Every single segment of this course has been designed to keep aspiring CISO in sight. It helps you become a seasoned professional who is going to help businesses around the world with futuristic security developments.

The board members contributed in different forms including authors, exam writers, quality assurance checkers, and trainers. Every single segment of the CCISO Certification course has been designed with the prominent CISO in context. All these segments aim to help one get a complete understanding of how seasoned professionals work and what is in store for the coming generation. From development, maintenance to upgrades of successful security programs, every aspect will be covered in the course. Below mentioned are the qualification criteria of the Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO) Certification program, take a look:

The respective choice is accessible to the ones who have the required experience of working as an Information Security Management expert. 
When it comes to this option, it is basically open to all who are interested in the field of CCISO training. 
This particular option is only accessible to the ones who do not have any experience when it comes to training or even self-study options.

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    CCISO Exam Information

    Below mentioned are exam details for CCISO Certification:

    • Test Format: Scenario-based Multiple Choice
    • Test Duration: 2.5 Hours
    • Test Delivery: ECC EXAM, VUE
    • Passing Score: 60% to 85% depending upon exam form

    CCISO Training Objectives

    Successful completion of the certification training empowers you with across the board understanding of:

    • Avail the major risk aspect for the purpose of compliance.
    • Implement, define, and administer information security governance program and this includes organizational structures, leadership, and IT procedures.
    • Acknowledging vulnerability and different attacks related to wireless networks
    • Manage and develop a digital forensic program for the company.
    • Assign financial resources to processes, projects, and units and that too within information security program.
    • Understand performance indicators and also assess effectiveness on constant term.
    • Get proper know-how of the IA security requirements that need to be involved in statements of all appropriate procurement documents in the CCISO Training program.
    • Develop and design a program that can help in tracking firewalls and its related issues.
    • Administer and deploy anti-virus tools.
    • Administer various wireless network security techniques and tools.
    • Acknowledge the persistent and volatile system information.
    • Get proper understanding of various system-engineering exercises.
    • Acknowledge the best exercises to avail, store and work on digital evidence.
    • Acknowledge and report to stakeholders regarding financial metrics.

    CCISO Course Content

    When it comes to the CCISO Course, is a unique certification and training program that is designed with the objective of creating top information security experts. This program doesn’t solely focus on technical aspects but also helps one get a proper understanding of information security management principles from the executive’s point of view for the purpose of management. The authorized CISOs developed the entire program for those aspiring to be CISOs.

    You can pursue the respective course without having to worry about the rates. We are providing all the courses at very nominal rates so that it becomes a lot easier for you to pursue the same without any pressure on your pockets. Our ethical hacking course fees will never trouble you in which way, yet we are going to cover all the bases.

    In this module of the Online CCISO Certification program, you get to learn more about different Information security management programs, regulatory and legal Compliance, Risk Management, and many other aspects.
    While pursuing the respective module, you to study more about different attributes related to Information Security Controls. You learn about deploying, designing, and managing different security controls, security controls types and objectives, implementing control assurance frameworks, audit management procedures, and a lot more.
    In this module of the CCISO course, you get to learn about different facets of Security program operation and management. Not only this, you get clarity about the role of the CISO, Information Security Projects, Integration of security needs into other operational procedures, and a lot more.
    This module of the Online CCISO Training program helps you get a better knowledge of Access Controls, Physical Security, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning, Network Security, Threat and Vulnerability Management, Application Security, and many other attributes related to information security.
    This module of the Online CCISO Certification program helps you get proper knowledge of Security Alignment with business goals, Security emerging trends, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Financial Planning, Development of business cases, and a lot more.

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      If you have any more queries related to the CCISO Certification Training from Securium Solutions, you can reach out to us or also check out our FAQs below:

      The applications who are EC-Council authorized and not attending the training for the respective exam must have 5 years of experience in all the domains.
      The validity of the CCISO certification course is 3 years.
      If you would like to apply for the CCISO exam, you need to fill out the CCISO exam eligibility application and then share the same on [email protected]
      To renew the certification, you need to match education needs and pay the renewal charges for the same.
      You can consider going for the training even when you are not experienced enough. But, yes, you are not able to apply for the CCISO exam.
      Below mentioned are a few of the job skills needed to become a CCISO expert:
      • Scoping of Data Security projects and strategic information that can enhance the IT systems, data, and projects of an organization.
      • Making sure that the staff is provided with information security awareness skills.
      • Acknowledging secure IT Systems development that related to organizations Information Security procedures and policies.
      • Learning to work with a senior staff providing secure change.
      Being a CCISO certified graduate, you would learn how to easily and effectively take care of even the most complicated security-related problems in your company. The respective course is focused on a more senior level opportunity, they include you being appraised to international security standards and practices.
      In this CCISO training program, you get to:
      • Be ready for the CCISO examination
      • Understand the day-to-day CCISO responsibilities
      • Learn the technical aspects from an executive perspective of the CISO role.
      • Understand security and financial planning.
      • Align CCISO tasks with risk tolerance and business objectives
      To sit for the CCISO exam, you need to have 5 years of IS management experience in every single CCISO domain that has been verified by the Exam Eligibility Application. As and when your application is approved to purchase your exam voice, you need to match the respective requirements of sitting in the exam. When you clear the exam, you get the deserving certification.

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