CISSO Certification in Texas

CISSO Certification in Texas

CISSO Certification in Texas

In case you want an accredited cybersecurity course in IT, look no further than a certified information systems security officer (CISSO). You will gain practical knowledge regarding a range of aspects in the InfoSec community as part of the CISSO training program. It will teach you how to secure assets, monitor them, and comply with data security policies. The role of the officer includes implementing and maintaining efficient software that is connected to business and industry standards. Management, auditors, and InfoSec personnel can improve their knowledge, proficiency, and skills by completing the online CISSO Certification in Texas.
One of our flagship courses at Mile2 is the CISSO. This course will teach you tools you can apply to recovery teams, prevention teams, and management, it will also help you to pass the CISSO exam.

What are the advantages of being an information systems security officer?

1. Your earning potential will be maximized.

CISSOs make around $131,030 a year on average. These characteristics encompass many of the elements that make up CISSO expertise, including an in-depth understanding of cybersecurity, four years of experience in the industry, and adherence to a strong code of ethics. A CISSO Certification in Texas is valued and respected by employers. As a result, it commands a premium salary.

2. Your career potential will be maximized.

There is substantial demand for CISSO that outpaces the number of qualified officers with CISSO credentials. In light of a Cybersecurity Workforce Study showing a global cyber workforce shortage of over 2.9 million men and women, there is no better time to advance in your career with CISSO training with us. A CISSO concentration (CISSO-ISSMP for Management, CISSO-ISSEP for Engineers, and CISSO-ISSAP for Architects) further enhances your career prospects by building on the CISSO.

3. Your experience in cybersecurity will be extensive.

You must possess prior, paid experience in cybersecurity as part of the CISSO assessment. You must show that you have worked four years full-time. The verification of your experience and character must be provided by an existing credential holder. The CISSO credential holder is required to fulfill 120 credits of continuing education over three years to maintain certification.

With CISSO Certification in Texas, you will gain knowledge about-

• IT Networking
• Managing risks
• The Principles of Cybersecurity
• Disaster recovery and data backup
• Guidelines for Privacy
• Techniques for detecting anomalies
• Managing resources
• Responding to incidents

With CISSO training you will be skilled to-

• Set up a security policy
• Evaluate the credibility of the Products or/and Suppliers

With CISSO training you will have the ability to-

• Intruder detection
• Integrations with information security
• Systematize critical components
Course Overview
• 5 days of live classes
• English is the language of instruction
• Formats for classes: Courses taught by an instructor, A self-study course, A virtual live training session
• Approximately 40 Continuing Education Units

Before you begin:

• Experience with two modules within one year
• An IS Management experience of 1 year

Overview of CISSO exam

A Combo Exam may be the right choice for you if you believe you have the necessary knowledge to pass the certification exam. It will cover everything you need to take the online CISSO exam, as well as an exam prep guide and unlimited practice exams.

Listed below are the categories that make up the Information Systems Security Officer certification exam:

• Oral Comprehension
• Oral Expression
• Reading Comprehension
• Written Comprehension
• Writing

• Problem Sensitivity
• Monitoring
• Social Perceptiveness

Critical Thinking
• Deductive Reasoning
• Judgment and Decision Making
• Complex Problem-solving Coordination
• Information Ordering
• Systems Analysis
• Systems Evaluation

• Computers and Electronics
• Engineering and Technology

• Customer and Personal Service
• Administration and Management
• Active Learning

Course Content

• Risk Management
• Security Management
• Identification and Authentication
• Access Control
• Security Models and Evaluation Criteria
• Operations Security
• Vulnerability Assessments
• Symmetric Cryptography and Hashing
• Network Connections
• Network Protocols and Devices
• Telephony, VPNs, and Wireless
• Security Architecture and Attacks
• Software Development Security
• Database Security
• Malware and Software Attacks
• Business Continuity
• Disaster Recovery
• Incident Management, Law, and Ethics
• Physical Security

Who should attend?

• IS Security Officers
• IS Managers
• Risk Managers
• Auditors
• Information Systems Owners
• IS Control Assessors
• System Managers
• Government Employees

What can you become after a CISSO certificate?

• Information Systems Security Officer
• Healthcare Information Security Practitioner
• Information Systems Security Auditor
• Cloud Security and Virtualization Engineer
• Disaster Recovery Specialist
• Incident Handler
• Risk Manager

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Who is a chief information security officer?
As the person within an organization responsible for establishing, maintaining, and assessing enterprise security policies, strategies, and programs, the officer (CISO) is responsible for ensuring assets and technologies will remain secure and protected. CISOs direct staff to identify, develop, implement, and maintain processes throughout an organization to reduce risks associated with information and information technology (IT). Response to incidents, the establishment of standards, and controls, management of technologies, and setting up of policies and procedures are all responsibilities of these professionals.

What is a CISSO?
In the competitive ranks of senior information security professionals, you can distinguish yourself from your competitors by earning the CISSO certification. With CCISO certification, you will be able to demonstrate to your employers that you possess the knowledge and experience necessary to plan and manage Information Security across the enterprise.

What is the certification target audience in Texas?
These CISO domains are covered by CISSO Certification in Texas:
• Administration (Policy, Compliance, and Legal)
• Management of IS projects and technology (operations, technology, and management).
• Project and Operational Management
• Cybersecurity Core Competencies.
• Plans and Finances

How much does a CISO earn?
Annual Salary Potential- $83,169 Median/year

Why enroll in this program in Texas?
CISSO certified individuals should be able to acquire necessary resources, perform risk assessments, collaborate with stakeholders, identify cybersecurity problems, manage threats, define or implement policies, and drive compliance activities to ensure the protection of critical infrastructure within an information security environment.

How much does this certification costs?
Our Mile2 CISSO Certification in Texas costs $550.

What is the age requirement?
Candidates must be 18 years or older to participate in the training and take the exam.
Unless the candidate provides the accredited training center with written consent from their parent or legal guardian, and a supporting letter from their institution of higher learning, candidates under the age of 18 can’t attend official training or attempt the certification exam. Applicants must be from national institutions of higher education.

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Find CISSO Certification Course in these cities:

California          New York         Pennsylvania         Texas         Washington DC

CISSO Course Outline

Risk Management
Security Management
Identification and Authentication
Access Control
Security Models and Evaluation Criteria
Operations Security
Symmetric Cryptography and Hashing
Asymmetric Cryptography and PKI
Network Connections
Network Protocols and Devices
Telephony, VPNs and Wireless
Security Architecture and Attacks
Software Development Security
Database Security and System Development
Malware and Software Attacks
Business Continuity
Disaster Recovery
Incident Management, Law, and Ethics
Physical Security

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CISSO Certification in Texas
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