Certified SOC Analyst Certification in Florida

SOC Analyst Certification in Florida

Certified SOC Analyst Certification in Florida

Joining a Security Operations Center (SOC) is the first step that leads to becoming a certified SOC analyst. The SOC analyst certification in Florida is intended for Tier I and Tier II analysts, enabling them to use entry-level and intermediate techniques to achieve proficiency.
In this course, candidates are taught by the industry’s most experienced trainers to acquire trending and in-demand technical skills. A Certified SOC Analyst Training focuses on creating new career opportunities through extensive and meticulous knowledge paired with enhanced capabilities for a dynamic contribution to a SOC team.
During this intensive 3-day training program, participants are taken through the fundamentals of SOC operation, before working on SIEM deployment, advanced incident detection, and incident response. The candidate will also be trained on managing SOC processes and collaborating with CSIRT when needed. Students learn how to identify and validate intrusion attempts with a holistic approach, both from an elementary and advanced standpoint. The candidate will gain insight into SIEM solutions and real-time threat intelligence via these courses.
Detecting cyber threats as they occur, a high-quality IT security certified SOC analyst team can respond actively and quickly to security incidents as the security landscape expands. Cyber threats are present at all times, which means organizations need skilled SOC Analysts to monitor them and warn other professionals.
The Certified SOC Analyst Certification in Florida also walks participants through how to use the most commonly used tools to perform SIEM. By applying Threat Intelligence predictive capabilities, the candidate will be able to perform enhanced threat detection.

Why does an organization in Florida need a certified SOC analyst?

As cyber risk has grown in recent years, various sectors have found themselves in a dangerous environment.
Businesses need advanced cybersecurity solutions along with traditional defense methods to handle these sophisticated threats. Incorporating a security operations center (SOC) and implementing online security hygiene are becoming common solutions.
Security monitoring is performed 24/7 with “follow-the-sun” coverage to manage security incident tracking, vulnerabilities, security device management, and network flow monitoring.
Analyzing and detecting potential threats is the responsibility of a SOC Analyst, who triages alerts and escalates them appropriately. The analysts are necessary to monitor, detect, analyze, and triage threats, which can negatively affect an organization without them.

What are the benefits of this Certified SOC Analyst Certification in Florida?

• Conformity to NICE 2.0 Guidelines 100%
• Provides an overview of the workflow from end to end
• SIEM: Detecting security incidents
• Intelligence-based enhanced incident detection
• Determining how SIEMs are deployed in depth
• Provides hands-on experience
• Real-time simulation of lab environments
• Reference Material to Learn More

This course is designed for?

• Security Operations Center Analysts (Tier I and Tier II)
• Those who manage network security operations, including network administrators, engineers, technicians, specialists, and operators, as well as anyone who manages network security operations.
• Expert in cybersecurity
• Professionals with a basic understanding of cybersecurity
• Individuals are interested in becoming SOC Analysts.

Course Information

• Three days (9 am – 5 pm)
• 24 hours minimum
Certification- the Certified SOC Analyst exam will be available after the CSA training is completed. CSA certification and membership privileges are available for those who pass the exam with a 70% or higher score. EC-Council requires its members to adhere to the Continuing Education Requirements to maintain their certification.

Exam Information

Candidates are tested on their competency in the duties of a SOC analyst through the CSA exam. By doing so, they will demonstrate their complete understanding of a complete SOC process.
• Title of the exam: Certified Security Operations Analyst
• The exam code for this exam is 312-39
• The number of questions is 100
• There is a 3-hour duration to this course
• Access to EC-Council Exam Portal
• Multiple Choice Test Format
• 70% is a passing score

SOC Analyst Certification Curriculum

• Managing Security Operation – Module 1
• Study of cyber threats, Internet of Things, and attack methods- Module 2
• Logging, Events, and Incidents – Module 3
• Detecting incidents via Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) – module 4.
• Enhancing incident detection with threat intelligence: Module 5
• Incident Response – Module 6

What are the goals of Certified SOC Analyst Training in Florida?

• Acquire a comprehensive understanding of processes, technologies, and workflows.
• Learn about security threats, attacks, vulnerabilities, attackers’ tactics, and cyber kill chain, among other topics.
• To identify indicators of compromise (IOCs) by recognizing the attacker’s tools, tactics, and procedures.
• Using different technologies (IDS/IPS, end-point protection, servers, and workstations) across multiple platforms, we can monitor and analyze logs and alerts.
• Gain a better understanding of how Centralized Log Management (CLM) works.
• Performs collection, monitoring, and analysis of security events and logs.
• Learn how to manage and analyze data in the context of security.
• You will develop an understanding of SIEM solutions (Splunk/AlienVault/OSSIM/ELK).
• Identity, implement and fine-tune the architecture, implementation, and fine-tuning of SIEM solutions (Splunk/AlienVault/OSSIM/ELK).
• Develop a SIEM use case by gaining hands-on experience.
• Capable of developing threat cases (correlation rules), creating reports, etc.
• Find out which SIEM deployment use cases are the most common.
• Monitoring and analysis of threats in the enterprise must be planned, organized, and performed.
• Analyze security threats and monitor emerging threats.
• Learn how to triage alerts on the job.
• Ensure appropriate teams are notified of incidents for additional assistance.
• An understanding of Service Desk ticketing systems.
• A good analyst is capable of preparing briefings and reports about the methodology and results of the analysis.
• Understanding how threat intelligence can be integrated into SIEMs to enhance detection and response to incidents.
• Use information on threats that are constantly changing, varied, and diverse.
• Learn how to deal with incidents.
• Acquire a better understanding of SOC and IRT collaborations.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

1. What kind of job roles can I get after SOC analyst certification?

• Analyst Tier 3 of the SOC
• Analyst, Security Operations Center
• Analyst I, SOC
• Analyze SOC/SIR incident
• Compliance Analyst, Information Assurance
• Junior Security Operations Analyst
• Program analyst, junior
• Analyst II for SOC
• An analyst who specializes in cyber incidents or security operations
• Managing Analyst, Junior
• Analyst I, Security
• Jr. Analyzer of vulnerabilities
• Managing the global security operations center
• Analyzer of programs

How much does the certified SOC analyst certification cost?

The Certified SOC Analyst Certification in Florida costs is $499.

Certified SOC Analyst Course Outline

Security Operations and Management
Understanding Cyber Threats
IOCS and Attack Methodology
Events and Logging
Incident Detection with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
Enhanced Incident Detection with Threat Intelligence
Incident Response
Security Operations Center is an information security center responsible for analyzing and monitoring the security posture of the organization and getting incident responses based on the problem that arises.
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Certified SOC Analyst Certification in Florida
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