ECIH EC-Council Certified Incident Handler

Certified Incident Handler Course

Certified Incident Handler Course

With help from cybersecurity and incident handling and response practitioners around the world, we have designed and developed this latest iteration of EC-Council’s certified incident handler (ECIH) program.
A comprehensive incident handling program was created to provide organizations with the skills and knowledge needed to manage post-breach consequences, and thereby reduce the financial and reputational consequences of an incident.
EC-Council developed a fundamental, standards-based, comprehensive, intensive 3-day training program and incident handler certification that provides a structured way to learn real-world incident handling and response requirements by reviewing Job Task Analysis (JTA).
The training required pursuing incident handling and response as a career includes both imparting conceptual information and field experience. Lab exercises are part of the incident handling training program for the ECIH program.
The core of any certification must map to and be compliant with published frameworks of incident and response by government and industry to be truly employable after earning the certified incident handler certification.
It is a method-driven certified incident handler program, which employs an integrated approach to cover all aspects of organizational incident handling from planning and preparing for the event to recovering assets after incident response. For an organization to be protected against future attacks or threats, security incidents must be handled and responded to properly, they hire a person with an incident handler certification.

What are the benefits of ECIH to individuals?

• CREST and NICE 2.0 Frameworks are 100% compliant with the CREST Framework and NICE 2.0 Framework, respectively
• Get access to new labs and tools: The CIH Program allows you to use over 50 labs, 800 tools, and four operating systems
• Our extensive assortment of templates, checklists, and cheat sheets can help you prepare for almost any situation

All Stages of Incident Handling
1. Planning
2. Recording and Assignment
3. Triage
4. Notification
5. Containment
6. Evidence Gathering and Forensic Analysis
7. Eradication
8. Recovery
9. Post-Incident Activities

By promoting a comprehensive approach to the process of incident handling and response, this certified incident handler certificate program will enhance your skills as an incident handler and responders, helping you increase your employability.
The ECIH offers one of the most comprehensive incident handling and response certifications available today. Cybersecurity professionals from around the world desire the skills EC-Council’s ECIH program teaches and employers respect them.

ECIH has the following purpose

• A systematic approach to addressing cyber-incidents that affect individuals and organizations.
• As soon as possible, reinstate daily operations and reduce the negative impact on business operations.
• The incident is minimized in terms of loss and the consequences afterward.
• Assigning security policies with efficacy and maintaining service quality at agreed levels is a critical skill.
• To counteract and recover from an attack.
• Boosting the employability of individuals by improving incident handling skills.

Learn about the CIH Program’s Learning Objectives

• Gain a deeper understanding of the key issues in information security
• Understand the different types and consequences of cybersecurity threats, the attack vectors, and the threat actors’ motivations
• Identify the signs and costs of incidents and learn the fundamentals of incident management
• Become familiar with vulnerability management, threat assessment, risk management, and incident response automation and orchestration; and
• Become proficient with all incident handling and response practices, standards, cybersecurity frameworks, laws, acts, and regulations
• Plan and implement an incident response program by identifying the different steps involved
• Learn the basic concepts of computer forensics and forensic readiness
• Cybersecurity incident cover-ups can be detected by using anti-forensics techniques employed by attackers
• Use effective methods of addressing different types of cybersecurity incidents, such as malware attacks, email security incidents, network attacks, web application attacks, cloud attacks, and insider threats
• Knowledge of the first response procedure including evidence collection, packaging, transportation, storing, data acquisition, volatile and static evidence collection, and evidence analysis

Program Overview

Duration of the course: Total class time of 24 hours or 3 days
Qualifications: It is possible to take the official EC-Council CIH exam after completing an EC-Council Authorized Training Center course (ATC) or directly through EC-Council. A successful candidate receives the ECIH certificate and membership privileges. EC-Council’s Continuing Education Policy states that members must adhere to its policies.

Exam Description

This exam test is designed to assess cybersecurity professionals’ knowledge and skills as they relate to incident response
Exam Title: EC-Council Certified Incident Handler
Exam Code: 212-89
Number of Questions: 100
Duration: 3 hours
Availability: EC-Council Exam Portal
Test Format: Multiple-Choice

The EC-Council Exams are provided in multiple formats (i.e. different question banks) to maintain the integrity of our incident handler certification exams.
The form is thoroughly reviewed by a panel of subject matter experts through beta testing with a representative sample group to ensure that the exam not only demonstrates academic rigor but also demonstrates real-world application.
Each question is also rated based on its difficulty. A cut score is calculated by combining the individual ratings of each form. We set cut scores according to the form and ensure each is assessed equally.
There can be a range of cut scores between 60% and 85% depending on the test form.

Requirements for Eligibility

Candidates may take the ECIH Exam if they have either of the following requirements:
• Learn more about EC-Council’s official CIH training options at any of the Authorized Training Centers (ATCs). You can also attend online live training via iWeek or join the iLearn self-study platform.
• A USD100 eligibility application fee is required for candidates with 1 year or more of related work experience who wish to apply without attending training.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

1. ECIH – Who Is It For?
CIH skills complement the following cybersecurity jobs, among others:
• Penetrating testers
• Assessors of vulnerabilities
• Administrators of risk assessments
• Admins of networks
• Engineers who specialize in application security
• Researchers/Analysts in Cyber Forensics and SOC Analysts
• Administration/Engineering of the system
• IT managers and firewall administrators
This program caters to cybersecurity professionals at the mid-to-high level. A minimum of one year of experience in the cybersecurity domain would improve your chances of success.

What is the course content for the ECIH program?
1. Introduction to Incident Handling and Response
2. Incident Handling and Response Process
3. Forensic Readiness and First Response
4. Handling and Responding to Malware Incidents
5. Handling and Responding to Email Security Incidents
6. Handling and Responding to Network Security Incidents
7. Handling and Responding to Web Application Security Incidents
8. Handling and Responding to Cloud Security Incidents
9. Handling and Responding to Insider Threats

How many types of security incidents does ECIH cover?
• Malware Incidents
• Cloud Security Incidents
• Email Security Incidents
• Web App Security Incidents
• Network Security Incidents
• Insider Threats

Why do organizations need ECIH?
The majority of organizations still struggle to withstand cyberattacks despite using basic security measures. A weakening of the organization’s business processes is the least damaging consequence caused by the attacks. In addition to improving overall business processes, a well-designed incident handling and response program ensures that control is achieved quickly by reducing the time spent on containment and aiming to restore processes to normal.

Module 01: Introduction to Incident Handling and Response

Module 02: Incident Handling and Response Process

Module 03: Forensic Readiness and First Response

Module 04: Handling and Responding to Malware Incidents

Module 05: Handling and Responding to Email Security Incidents

Module 06: Handling and Responding to Network Security Incidents

Module 07: Handling and Responding to Web Application Security Incidents

Module 08: Handling and Responding to Cloud Security Incidents

Module 09: Handling and Responding to Insider Threats

Securium Solutions is one of the best companies that provides incident handler courses. They provide clear concepts which are helpful in knowing the incidents and get solutions for such using different methods.
In ECIH Training, one gets the fundamental details about different vulnerabilities and threats caused by them. It also helps to aid different solutions depending on the harm caused by risks.
To become a certified incident handler, you need to have a clear understanding about the vulnerabilities that can cause a bad impact on the system and its assets. To become a certified incident handler, you can contact Securium Solutions at to get details for the course.
With ECIH one gets clear concepts on the different threats and incidents that can affect the system integrity and confidentiality. Along with it, it also teaches various remediations which can be accounted for securing data from being compromised.

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