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The CompTIA Network+ Certification Course provided by Securium Solutions is entry-level guidance for IT experts that assist them to avail all the required skills to maintain, manage, install, troubleshoot, and configure basic computer networks. The demand for Networking experts is rising constantly. Network+ certification from CompTIA is one of the most preferred credentials in today’s market by IT professionals.

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CompTIA Network+ Certification Course Description

When it comes to CompTIA Network+ Certification, it enhances your networking skills and helps you avail hands-on practical know-how, ensuring that the experts are well prepared to manage challenging networking problems. Nowadays, there are several employers opting for CompTIA Network+ Certification that helps one have basic networking skills that are applicable all across the world in different sectors. Our course focuses on the latest methodologies and trends that support performance and connectivity. In this certification, IT professionals will be able to prove their expertise in the management, maintenance, troubleshooting, installation, and configuration of basic computer networks.

Network Plus Training offers more than just standalone value. A range of in-demand IT credentials is available upon certification. Several certification bodies, including Novell, Cisco, and HP, include the Network+ certification in their career certification tracks. Microsoft also included the certification in their Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) program. Below mentioned are a few of the skills that you learn with our Network+ Certification course, take a look:

In the Network Plus Training, you will be explained how various networking concepts work and how they should be implemented.
After the Network Plus Training, you will be able to determine & explain the appropriate technologies for wiring, devices, and storage.
With this course, you will be familiar with the management of the network using best practices, policy determination, and business continuity planning.
This online course also teaches you how to secure wired and wireless networks by outlining physical security and common attacks!
This network plus certification course also demonstrates how to troubleshoot & how to choose the right tools.
You get to learn about different cybersecurity principles that include digital security, transport encryption, and various other cyber threats in detail.
With the help of the CompTIA Net+ certification, you also get a complete understanding of the methodologies to be followed to strengthen network security.
You get to learn about evolving network technologies that include network convergence and cloud systems when you pursue the CompTIA Net+ training program.

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    Network + Certification Exam Information

    Below mentioned are the exam details for the CompTIA Network+ Certification, take a look:

    • Number of Questions: Maximum of 90 questions
    • Test Format: Multiple Choice Questions (single and multiple response), drag and drops and performance-based
    • Test Duration:90 Minutes
    • Passing score: 720 (on a scale of 100-900)
    • Recommended Experience:CompTIA A+ Certification and At least 9 to 12 months of networking experience
    • Languages: English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese
    • Retirement: Summer 2022
    • Testing Provider: Pearson VUE- Testing Centers, Online Testing

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    Network Plus Training Course Objectives

    Successful completion of the certification training empowers you with across the board understanding of:

    • Understanding the uses and objective of protocols and ports
    • Understanding applications protocols, devices, and services on their relevant OSI layers
    • Implementing the relevant wireless configurations and technologies
    • Assessing the use cases for advanced networking systems
    • Understanding the different types of networking attacks
    • Acknowledging the concepts and characteristics of switching and routing
    • Understanding appropriate IP address configuration
    • Understanding types and technologies of network topologies

    CompTIA Network+ Certification Course Content

    The CompTIA Network+ Certification authenticates your skills and knowledge of managing, installing, and troubleshooting networks on different platforms. This Network Plus Training is designed to assist you to learn all the required objectives to avail of the CompTIA Network+ certification. You will get to learn the different networks and networking protocols, advanced networking technologies accessible, DNS concepts, identify VPN and VLAN attributes and imply wireless networks.

    This module of the CompTIA Net+ certification program helps you get basic networking concepts and the process to deal with the issues you might be facing with the same. Take a look at the lessons covered below
    Coming to this module of the program, you avail a proper understanding of different connection technologies, network devices, copper media, and more.
    This module CompTIA Net+ training program, helps you gain proper knowledge of the different aspects related to IP addressing, core protocols, Network parts and applications, and more.
    You get to learn more about the different aspects related to Switching, Modes, Router, Cable, Routing, and many aspects in connection with internetworking in this module of the Network+ program.
    You get to learn different techniques and tools to be used to keep Wireless networks and Wireless LAN standards completely safe and secure in this module of the CompTIA Net+ training program.
    In this segment of the CompTIA Net+ course, you get a proper understanding of the techniques to be followed to keep Internet connections and WAN infrastructure completely secure.
    You get to learn about different steps to be followed to enhance digital security, transport encryption, and different ways to deal with security threats while you pursue this module of the Net+ certification program.
    In this module of the CompTIA Net+ course, you get complete knowledge of different Network security components and their authentication systems.
    This segment of the CompTIA Net+ training program helps you get a better understanding of different aspects related to Network convergence and ways to keep virtual and cloud systems secure.
    You get to learn how to Monitor and optimize networks all the time and keep them secure. You get an understanding of how to assess any kind of fault and plan for disaster recovery. You get to learn how you plan your response during the time of any security-related issues.
    In this module of the CompTIA Net+ training program, you get a complete understanding of the steps to be taken for network installation, maintenance, and upgrades as well. You also get to learn the steps to be taken during the time security issues to reduce its impact.

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      If you are having any questions related to CompTIA Network+ courses then take a look at the FAQs below:

      A multiple-choice and performance-based exam is required to earn the certification.
      Blue Teams in a post-pandemic world need to use network+ professionals to defend and win against network breaches. Organizations and individuals alike would benefit from the Network Plus Training program.
      After you pass your certification exam, you will have your certificate for three years. It can be easily renewed and extended for an additional three years with our continuing education (CE) program.
      A CompTIA network+ is the gateway to a wide range of satisfying jobs and rewarding salary opportunities – you determine the path and, ultimately, the amount you can earn. The reasons for getting certified are not the same for everyone.
      Regardless of where you are in life and what you choose, there may be more than one answer. Oftentimes, discounts can be obtained that lower the costs and extra learning and training can also impact the bottom line.
      You can develop a career in network administration, including networking troubleshooting, configuration, and management. The following skills are required of successful candidates: • Establish functional networks • Ensure that network device is correctly configured, managed, and maintained • Create resilient networks by segmenting network traffic using devices such as switches and routers • Examine existing network configurations for benefits and drawbacks • Establish standards, protocols, and security for the network • Troubleshooting network issues • Creating virtual networks is supported
      The examination focuses on troubleshooting, managing, and configuring IT infrastructure. It validates skills needed for jobs like network field technician and junior network administrator. The Department of Defense, Apple, Best Buy, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Ricoh, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Verizon all look for this certification when hiring.
      CompTIA Certification Exams can be taken online or in person. The convenience of online testing allows you to test from anywhere and at any time in a quiet and distraction-free environment. Pearson VUE test centers are located all over the world, providing CompTIA In-person Testing options to customers.

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