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Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI V10) Training & Certification Course

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Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) authorizes you to carry out digital forensics to investigate breaches, cyber-attacks, and incidents and take legal actions according to cyber law. CHFI v10 certification training trains you with diverse forensic techniques, modern tools, Evidence Collection, and handling with hands-on demonstration.

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Security Analyst and Infosec Trainer Expert in Risk Management and a Active Security researcher fond of Enlightening others about the Importance of Security and its need in Digital Space. Over his Experience he Taught more 200+ Batches all around the Globe.


Offensive Security Certified Trainer and Risk Assessment specialist in Securium Solutions plays important role in Educating others about the Risk associated with the Digital World. Expertise in Forensics, R&D helps Corporates and Students to gain more n more from his Trainings.

CHFI V10 Certification Course Description

CHFI certification training aligns with almost all forensic job roles across industries. The latest updates in the CHFI V10 course include IoT forensics, Dark Web Forensics, Cloud Forensics, Network Forensics, Mobile forensics, OS Forensics, tools, techniques, and methodologies with crafted evidence files. CHFI Certification equips individuals with the necessary skills to handle complex threats.

CHFI v10 Training with the latest update will improvise you as a team player to investigate the breach and help you to conduct a complete forensic analysis. It makes you very well versed with the various tools and methodologies. A Forensic investigator must-have skills are Various laws and regulations related to computer crimes in their country. It is an exclusive course that is designed with the mandatory tools, methodologies, rules, and regulations. Practical real-life learning from our expert trainers will help you understand core fundamentals and techniques to identify and analyze forensic Events. CHFI Certification is a mandatory requirement by most the Government and Private organizations that are in large need of Skilled Forensic Analyst

CHFI Training will help you understand and investigate security incidents as a law enforcement professional. Individuals such as system administrators, security officers, defense and military personnel, and bankers can also participate in this CHFI V10 Certification Course.

So, if you are thinking about having a career in the respective fields mentioned above, then this ethical hacking course online program is just perfect for you. With us, you get all the assistance in terms of certification and opportunities. To be more precise, take a look at how this can this course can help you out:

CHFI certification authorizes the expertise of security experts when it comes to reporting cyber-attack incidents or hacking attempts in the courts of law.
With the assistance of CHFI v10 training, you get to enhance your understanding of various cyber forensic techniques, footprints collection, forensic tools, and many more important components for forensic investigations.
Our Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator Course has been devised to train the experts intending to have a remarkable career as Forensic Investigators and provide their security services with utmost proficiency.
With the help of CHFI certification, the cyber investigators are able to assess the incidents such as theft of confidential data, intellectual property exploitation, trade secret compromise, and more.
CHFI v10 certification training follows a methodological approach to get proper knowledge of computer forensics that includes seizing and searching, acquisition, chain-of-custody, analysis, preservation, and digital evidence reporting.
It is acknowledged as one of the first certification programs that helps you get a complete understanding of the Dark Web and IoT Forensics modules.
This CHFI v10 course helps you avail a complete understanding of different types of malware samples that including Emotet and Eternal Blue. It is also acknowledged as WannaCry.

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    CHFI V10 Exam Information

    Below mentioned are the CHFI V10 Certification Exam details that you need to pass to become a Certified Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, take a look:

    • Number of Questions: 150
    • Test Format: Multiple Choice
    • Test Duration: 4 Hours
    • Exam Name:: CHFI EC0 312-49
    • Test Delivery: ECC Exam Portal

    As per the individual rating, we will be assessing the cut score for all types of exam forms. The cut scores can range between 60 to 78 percent

    CHFI V10 Training Objectives

    Successful completion of the certification training empowers you with across the board understanding of:

    • Evidence Analysis hold on to top crime categories
    • Configuration and Deployment of Cyber forensic labs
    • How to respond for the breach, Toolkit to use and evaluation of crimes
    • Deep knowledge of Cyber Laws and cyber crimes
    • Image Forensic Techniques
    • Real Investigation techniques
    • Core theory and Practical Demonstrations
    • Evidence Handling, Collection of Evidence, Documentation and Reporting

    CHFI v10 Course Content

    Taking the CHFI V10 certification training will teach you about the methodical approach to computer forensics, which covers seizing, searching, acquisition, preservation, chain of custody, and reporting and analysis of digital evidence. There is a lot more to it and we have it all covered in our CHFI v10 Course modules. The best part is that all of it is available at very nominal rates. Our ethical hacking course fees are very low so that anyone can consider pursuing the respective course and have excellent facilities available to assist them to crack the exams. Take a look at the following CHFI v10 course outline:

    In this module of the CHFI v10 training program, you get completed an understanding of Forensic Science, Computer Forensics, Security Incident reports, Aspects of Organizational Security, Evolution of Computer Forensic, and a lot more. 
    This CHFI v10 module helps you get complete knowledge of different types of Forensics Workstation, Computer Forensics steps to be followed, Review Policies and Laws to be maintained, and a lot more.
    As the name suggests, this segment of the CHFI course helps you learn more about the different aspects related to Hard disks and File systems and how to counter any kind of security issues related to it.
    In this segment of the CHFI v10 training program, you get to learn more about the ways to determine the best data acquisition procedures, data recovery contingencies, Data preservation commands, Deleted files, and deleted partitions recovery, Need for data duplication, Data duplication tools, and a lot more.
    In this domain of the CHFI v10 course, you get to learn different aspects of various anti-forensic methodologies. You also get to know the different techniques and measures taken to defeat the respective anti-forensic process.
    In this module of the CHFI v10 training program, you get a complete understanding of the procedure and methodology involved to check the machine running on the Windows operating system thoroughly. 
    While you are studying Linux and Mac Forensics, you get to learn step by step process of examining and investigating a system running Linux and MAC to ensure that there are no security-related issues and a lot more.
    When you are pursuing this module of Network forensics, you get to learn more about the ways to monitor and analyze computer network traffic for the objective of legal evidence, information gathering, or intrusion detection. 
    This module of the CHFI v10 training program helps you get proper knowledge of techniques and methodology followed to investigate different kinds of crimes and attacks on web platforms. 
    In this module of the CHFI certification program, you get a complete understanding of the different steps followed by the forensic investigator to trace data leaks, financial crimes, and many other data breaches. 
    This module of Database forensics helps you get a proper understanding of the methodology followed to examine databases and their associated metadata during the time security lapses and more. 
    While you pursue the respective module of the CHFI certification program, you get to learn more about scientific principles, methods, and practices followed to identify, collect, preserve, examine, and report digital evidence for the cyberattack.
    The module of Investigating email crimes helps you learn more about the process of collecting, tracing, assessing, and investigating cyber trials and digital evidence. It helps you learn more about email spamming, mail bombing, identity fraud, email spoofing, email hijacking, phishing attacks, and more.
    As the name suggests, this module of the CHFI v10 certification program helps you learn more about ways to find, analyze & investigate different aspects of malware to reach the culprits and the purpose for the attack.
    In this CHFI v10 training program, you get complete knowledge of the forensic investigation involved in the crimes associated with mobiles and their related operations. 
    This module of the CHFI v10 certification course helps you get a complete understanding of different investigation procedures of crimes and vulnerabilities related to IoT. 
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      If you have any queries regarding the CHFI V10 Certification Training Course provided by our experts or any queries regarding the services, connect with us or read out the below-mentioned FAQs.

      CHFI stands for a Certified hacking forensic investigator. In the respective course of study, you will be able to know about the different attacking means as per the evidence trail and make sure that any such attacks are prevented in the future.
      If you are looking to pursue EC Council certified CHFI courses online or offline, you can always consider connecting with Securium Solutions. We are one of the best companies in the business when it comes to providing CHFI courses as per the specific needs. You will benefit from real scenarios and examples that are faced. It will help you enhance your skills and avail better opportunities in the future. For any kind of queries, you can always connect with our experts at [email protected]
      When it comes to hacking techniques, it is methodology that can define computer programs to behave the way it has been asked to. These techniques expand beyond technology and can be implemented to security procedures and policies. As the technology gets updated, the skills required to perform hacking becomes less complicated. The hacking technologies are working to create vulnerabilities in the business or organizations.
      If you would like to have your career as security professionals, network defense, forensic investigator, or cybercrime investigator technician then you can consider pursuing the course of CHFI v10 at Securium Solutions. We will help you have your CHFI course covered that will enhance your skills and make it easy for you to live your career just the way you wanted.
      Securium Solutions is acknowledged as one of the most prominent companies to help you pursue the course of forensic investigation. With the help of our course, you will be able to enhance your inner skills of becoming a hacker and having an excellent career ahead in your respective field.
      You can connect with our experts and know about the charges of all the courses and get started with the same as per your convenience.
      There are not many prerequisites for you to stress about. All you need to do is to have a basic understanding of Software, Hardware, & Network.
      After you have successfully completed the respective course, you can consider applying for positions that include military and defense, law enforcement, insurance and banking, legal practices, enterprise IT, and of course, cybersecurity companies.
      After you have completed your CHFI v10 certification program, you can consider applying for corporate designation as per your specifications.

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