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Certified Secure Computer User | CSCU Certification

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EC Council's Certified Secure Computer User Training Program is ideal for helping you get a complete understanding and knowledge of how to secure the information assets. Pursuing the CSCU Course can assist you in getting fundamental know-how in a different network and computer security threats in the form of assessing theft, phishing scams, credit card fraud, email hoaxes, and more. If you are thinking about pursuing the CSCU Certification Training, you can connect with Securium Solutions.

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Security Analyst and Infosec Trainer Expert in Risk Management and a Active Security researcher fond of Enlightening others about the Importance of Security and its need in Digital Space. Over his Experience he Taught more 200+ Batches all around the Globe.


Offensive Security Certified Trainer and Risk Assessment specialist in Securium Solutions plays important role in Educating others about the Risk associated with the Digital World. Expertise in Forensics, R&D helps Corporates and Students to gain more n more from his Trainings.

CSCU Course Description:

The primary purpose of the CSCU Course is to help individuals get a proper understanding of the ways to protect privacy. The CSCU course help students to be a part of an engaging environment where they get basic knowledge of different system and network security risks and threats. You get to learn about the solutions to deal with identity theft, online banking phishing scams, credit card fraud, emails hoaxes, viruses and backdoors, confidential information loss, social engineering, and hacking attacks.

You get the skills to take the required steps to reduce the chances of any kind of fraud that leads to security exposure.CSCU Certification course is designed for today’s users who are involved in the internet comprehensively for different purposes related to study, work and play. It helps you understand the way you can protect the information online. There are many more benefits of pursuing the Certified Secure Computer User Course. Take a look:

If you are using a computer regularly online, then it can help you keep it safe and secure from all kinds of internet frauds and risks.
You get to learn the necessary steps that need to be taken to avoid any kind of risks or vulnerabilities in the coming time.
You get highly skilled and qualified instructions to guide you through the course at your convenience.
You get a better knowledge of the concepts like hacking, credit card fraud, identity theft, phishing scams, malware, virus attack, email hoaxes, confidential data breach, social engineering, and many more.
While pursuing the respective Course, you also get to learn more about the ways to protect the privacy and all the other confidential data from the reach of cyber threats.
Another major advantage of pursuing the respective course is that you learn the steps to be taken to keep the fraudsters away to curb any kind of security exposure.

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    Exam Information

    Exam Name: CSCU (112-12) Exam

    • Number of Questions: 50
    • Test Format: Multiple Choice
    • Test Duration: 2 Hours
    • Passing Score: 70%
    • Availability: EC-Council Exam Portal

    Credit Towards Certification Secure Computer User Specialist (CSCU)

    CSCU Course Objectives

    Successful completion of the certification training empowers you with across the board understanding of:

    • It provided requisite understanding to individuals that ensure complete know-how of important concepts related to the domains of Cyber Security.
    • It imparts comprehensive know-how to get a proper understanding of the preventive process when it comes to illegal hacking.
    • It is connected with several Government Organizations for the purpose of Training and Consultancy that can help in placement aspects as well.
    • It uses both student-centric and application-oriented learning to assist expand students' understanding of data and information protection.
    • It also helps in providing hands-on labs demonstration that can help you avail practical and real-time experience on penetration testing.

    CSCU Course Content:

    It is one of the most updated CSCU courses available today to help you have an exceptional career in the cyber industry. Getting Certified Secure Computer User certification can certainly give you an edge in this industry. Take a look at the outline:


    In this module, you get a complete understanding of Essential Terminologies, Computer Security, Potential Losses Due to Security Attacks, Elements of Security, Ease of Use Triangle, Fundamental Concepts of Security, Layers of Security, and more.
    This mode of CSCU training program helps you get a better know-how of System Security, Threats to System Security, Password Cracking methodologies, Guidelines for Windows OS Security, and more.
    This segment of the CSCU course helps you get a better knowledge of the different kinds of threats in the form of Malware and Antivirus. You study the best possible ways to deal with different threats and keep them secure.
    In this module, you get to learn more about the different aspects related to the field of Internet Security, Internet Explorer Security Settings, Securing File Downloads, Mozilla Firefox Security Settings, Privacy Settings, and a lot more.
    This segment of the CSCU certification program helps you get a better knowledge of the concepts related to Social Networking Sites Security, Top Social Networking Sites Page, Security Risks Involved in Social Networking Sites, and more.
    You get to learn more about the concepts related to Email Security, Email Security Threats, Online Email Encryption Services, Email Security Tools, Email Communication Checklist, Email Security Checklist, and more, pursuing the respective module.
    In this segment, you get a better understanding of the different concepts related to Mobile Device Security, Mobile Phone Services, IMEI numbers, Mobile Device Security Risks, and more.
    In this section, you get to explore the different security issues you might experience in cloud services and the best techniques to deal with the same, and a lot more. 
    In this domain, you get to learn more about the common threats to Wireless Network, Securing Wireless Network, Using the Network with Windows 7, and a lot more aspects of securing different network connections.
    This domain helps you get a better knowledge of the aspects related to Data Backup, Need for Backup, Types of Data Loss, What Files to Backup and How Often, Online Data Backup, Online Backup Service Providers, Types of Backup, and a lot more.

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      Course Review

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      If you have queries related to our CSCU course, then below mentioned are a few of the FAQs that can make it easy for you to get a proper understanding of the same:

      The one who is a computer user or desires to be self-responsible when it comes to taking complete care of online security can consider pursuing CSCU.
      Yes, it is EC Council Certified. It is recognized all around the world.
      It is very useful for further academic opportunities in the domain of computer networking and cyber security.
      This certification empowers students in the corporate world and helps them to gain a wide range of opportunities in this domain of security and networking.
      If your age is under 13, then you are not eligible for the official training and also for the certification exam.
      After completing your CSCU training program, you get to dominate in the below-mentioned sectors:
      • Password Security
      • Cloud Security
      • Safe Browsing
      • Email Security
      • Physical Security
      • Data Protection
      • Data Backup
      • Wireless Security
      • Mobile Device Security
      • Internet Security
      • Disaster Recovery
      • Credit Card Security
      The primary objective of the CSCU certification program has been to provide students with the necessary understanding to protect their assets and information. The respective course contents have been designed to teach the students about the world of information security threats that they are experiencing in different situations in the form of identity theft, credit card fraud, or physical safety. The understanding acquired after the completion of this program can not only assist you to acknowledge these threats but also to how to deal with them effectively.

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