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Certified Penetration Tester Course

Are you planning to pursue a CPENT course? We, at Securium Solutions, can help you with the same. When it comes to the Certified Penetration Tester course, it is a basic level of certification where you will be getting proper know-how on penetration testing skills. You will be learning different procedures that can be used in the system to defend it from various vulnerabilities and threats. These vulnerabilities and threats can affect the overall performance for which the system is being used. But, when you become a Licensed Penetration Tester after the course, you will be able to save your system from any kind of exploited attacks, hacking, and vulnerabilities.

Pursuing this program will help you understand more about pen test skills with the use of live cyber ranges. Students are benefited from real-world training courses as the CPENT Certification programs are designed to be dynamic. So, when the live network technology continues to change, the students will be able to get hold of the same through our CPENT courses.

Benefits Of Pursuing CPENT Certification Course

If you are thinking about how pursuing your certified penetration testing professional course will assist you in the longer run, then take a look at the below-mentioned benefits:

• Completely methodology-based program.
• Entirely connect with NICE framework
• It combines both automated and manual testing approaches.
• It has been designed with the use of common exercises provided by the best in the business.
• It provides services as per all the job portals in the form of Security Analyst and Licensed Penetration Tester.
• Avail genuine reporting writing knowledge.
• With Advanced Penetration Testing Range, avail real-world experiences.
• Get a standard Pen test that can be taken into consideration or used in the field.

Outline Of CPENT Course

Take a look at the modules covered in our certified professional course. It keeps on getting updated as and when there is any kind of innovation in the respective field of service:

1. Introduction to Penetration Testing
2. It’s Scoping and Engagement
3. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
4. Social Engineering Penetration Testing
5. Network Penetration Testing – External
6. Network Penetration Testing – Internal
7. Network Penetration Testing – Perimeter Devices
8. Web Application Penetration Testing
9. Wireless Penetration Testing
10. IoT Penetration Testing
11. OT/SCADA Penetration Testing
12. Cloud Penetration Testing
13. Binary Analysis and Exploitation
14. Report Writing and Post Testing Actions

CPENT- A Perfect Course For You?

You can always consider opting for our Certified Penetration Tester course if you are willing to learn more about:

• Attacking IoT Systems
• Attack Automation with Scripts
• Write Professional Reports
• Writing Exploits: Advanced Binaries Exploitation
• Access Hidden Networks with Pivoting
• Double Pivoting
• Advanced Window Attacks
• Bypassing a Filtered Network
• Evading Defense Mechanisms
• Privilege Escalation
• Build Your Armory: Weaponize Your Exploits
• Pentesting Operational Technology (OT)

About CPENT Live Exam

When It comes to the CPENT certification, you need to first clear the online, proctored practical exam. The respective exam is completely based on 24-hours performance. It is divided into two sets of 12-hour each where your focus and perseverance will be tested by making you go above your limits. In fact, you will be getting an option as well to choose from. Whether you can select two 12 hour exams or one 24 hour exam.

The CPENT certification will only be provided to the one who will be scoring more than 70 percent or more. Candidates who will be able to score more than 90 percent will avail prestigious LPT (Master) credentials.

Who Can Pursue CPENT Course?

If you are thinking about what you will be able to pursue after the course has been completed then take a look at the fields where you can have your career:

• Security Consultant
• Network Administrators
• IT Director/Manager
• Security Manager
• Security Architect
• Security Analyst
• Security Director
• Chief Information Security Officer
• DevSec Engineers
• Network Architect
• Security Auditor
• Security Systems Engineer

What Can A Student Pursue After Completing The Course

• Will be able to work on step by step instructions that leads to effective strategies
• Perform a compelling test in the field of network climate
• Work on fundamental strategies, concepts, and apparatuses to work on the environment.
• The Certified penetration tester course is designed on the basis of web security to imply an effective firewall for complete security.


What is the time of completion of the CPENT Course?

The Certified Penetration Tester course has a time span of 40 hours to have all the bases covered at your convenience. Plus there is a 24-hours exam as well to test the skills you adored during the time of course and the results will define whether you should be certified or not.

Are there penetration testing jobs available in the present market?

Yes! Most of the organizations are looking for certified penetration testing professionals and talented pen-testers as per their specific needs. In fact, according to the survey, more than 8000 vacancies are posted on LinkedIn for the post of Pen Testers

What is the average salary of a penetration testing expert?

An expert is earning $84,000 in the U.S. on an average and according to the skills they have. All you have to do is to spend the 40 hours of your life with the respective course. You will be able to learn advanced testing techniques, tools, and methodologies that are the most required in today’s businesses & become a Licensed Penetration Tester.

Who will be able to avail of the certificate after the CPENT exams?

If you have scored more than 70 percent in your CPENT certification exam then you will be getting your certificate. In fact, if you have earned more than 90 percent then you will be rewarded with a reputed LPT (Master) credential

Is CEH considered to be a Pen Test Program?

When it comes to the CPENT program, it is the next level after the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification. It will help you while you become a Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) Master. There are many who refer to CEH and Pen Test programs as similar. But, it is not correct. With the help of the CEH, you will be learning more about the tools and understand the procedure deployed by the criminals and overcome the same.

CPENT Course Outline

Introduction to Penetration Testing
Penetration Testing Scoping and Engagement
Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
Social Engineering Penetration Testing
Network Penetration Testing-External
Network Penetration Testing-Internal
Network Penetration Testing on Perimeter Devices
Web Application Penetration Testing
Wireless Penetration Testing
IoT Penetration Testing
OT/SCADA Penetration Testing
Cloud Penetration Testing
Binary Analysis and Exploitation
Report Writing & Testing
To get CPENT Training Course, Securium Solutions is one of the best companies giving Certified Penetration Tester Training Course. They have the best sources and methods which are helpful to enhance the qualities of being a professional penetration tester.
To become a certified penetration tester, you need to have a company that provides you with the necessary skills which help to boost your skills and make you perform better to fight threats and risks. Securium Solutions gives the best CPENT Training, for more details contact at support@securiumsolutions.org.
Securium Solutions is one of the best companies to give penetration testing certification in India. We give the best techniques and tools by which you can know the vulnerabilities and get a real time exposure working on live projects.
Web Application penetration testing tools are used for performing tests on web applications and knowing if there is any threat in the web application, these tools are helpful in detecting and monitoring the performance of web applications.

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