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Why CCNA Certification Drives Best To Your Networking Career

CCNA Certification

Talent alone doesn’t get you anywhere. Skills to compliment your talent are just as important. And CCNA certification is your bridge to getting all the skills that you need as a talented individual in the world of technology.

What the Cisco CCNA Certification is all about

Cisco is a worldwide leader in networking hardware and solutions, and Cisco certification is one of the best ways for job-seekers to impress potential employers with their skills. Therefore, most IT professionals seeking to build a career in IT networking choose Cisco's CCNA certification over other options.

Cisco certified network associate (CCNA) Certification is designed to make networking professionals agile and versatile when it comes to dealing with new, advanced networks. Getting CCNA Certified means your networking knowledge, in general, would be improved, enhanced, and evaluated.

There is no requirement to get CCNA Certified either! All you need is a basic understanding of networking in general before taking this course. The course is also beneficial for those who are already familiar with the world of technology but are stepping into networking for the first time to increase their domain of expertise.

With this Cisco CCNA certification, you can choose to take your career anywhere. New doors to positions like Entry Level Network Engineer, Help Desk Technician, Network Administrator, and a Network support technician will open. Your worth will go up with a simple click into this course.

What You Gain From Becoming CCNA Certified

A Cisco certified network associate manages Cisco hardware, troubleshoots Cisco hardware and software issues, and configures Cisco networks. You can improve your skills and expand your career options with the CCNA Certification.

Cisco networking will also help you build your professional skills. This knowledge can be applied to understanding how to monitor and fix a network outage. Passing the CCNA exam will allow you to comprehend the basics of networking.

The CCNA credential can open many doors for your career. With a passing score on the CCNA exam, you will be able to earn and negotiate a higher salary than technicians with similar experience.

Today's network environment is undergoing rapid changes. Cloud computing and software-defined networking (SDN) are two of the new technologies revolutionizing the industry. Technologies like these have created a diverse set of job responsibilities that have revolutionized the networking sector. This change in your field has created a void that the CCNA certification can fill!

How Much Money Do CCNA-Certified Professionals Make?

The demand for Cisco certified employees is always high due to Cisco's dominance in the industry. After completing the CCNA certification, you can apply for a variety of specialist roles, including IT management, IT director, systems engineer, network admin, system admin, senior system engineer, network security analyst, senior systems engineer, and IT specialist.

The average annual salaries for CCNA-certified professionals in India are:

‣ IT Support Specialist: Over 5 Lakh/year

‣ Network Specialist: Over 11 lakh/year

‣ Network Administrator: Over 5 lakh/year

‣ Network Engineer: Over 3 lakh/year

‣ Senior Network Engineer: Over 10 lakh/year

Is the CCNA Certification worth it?

CCNA Certification might just be nothing short of a badge of achievement. Not only does it leave a good impression among those in the industry, but it also gives you all the active skillset needed for all the latest and advanced network technologies.

With CCNA you get to learn about the fundamentals of networking and working of various devices like routers. You also are taught in detail about monitoring, managing & maintaining the network foundation.

Getting a Cisco CCNA Certification will also allow you to:

a. Reveal your expertise in network fundamentals, IP services, and network security in front of your competitors

b. Flaunt all your professional knowledge and direct experience in places that matter

c. Get better job opportunities with higher salaries than before.

d. Be confident as you explore the depths of the tech world further.

e. Get the badge of achievement permanently in your social media accounts

All in all, you get the skills to install and manage the whole network of an organization. How cool does being a one-man army sound?

Over To You

A CCNA certification is a highly coveted and well-paying certification in the industry. CCNA exams assess a company's network infrastructure. CCNA is Cisco's networking certification and focuses on essential skills such as device and protocol operations.

Earning the CCNA credential gives you access to Cisco's reputation in the industry. Cisco's services and products are constantly being upgraded. Companies seek Cisco-certified individuals when hiring network administrators. With the CCNA certification not only will you attract more prospective employers but get better at your job as well! Take this initiative with the CCNA certification course now!


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