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What’s in EC-Council CCSE (Certified Cloud Security Engineer) Course?

EC-Council CCSE (Certified Cloud Security Engineer) Course?

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Cloud’? Do you recall the white cotton-like things floating in the sky first? Or do you rather think of other terms like the internet or storage? You’re in the right place if you belong to the group that thinks of the latter first.

Cloud is a very popular tech-related term. Cloud computing, in simple terms, is the delivery of computing services over the internet without direct management by the user. And cloud security engineers, as the name suggests, are people who keep these cloud computers and their accessibility secure and vulnerability-free.

We’re here to discuss the EC Council CCSE Course that is related closely to security engineers. But before that, let’s get to know a little more about cloud computing and cloud security engineers.

Who are Cloud Security Engineers?

Using cloud infrastructures comes with a lot of benefits for organizations but there is also a risk of casualties involved. There are possibilities of the organization being exposed to various security threats like data loss, unsecured APIs, and data breaches.

The average cost of cloud security breaches is around USD 5.12M. Not to mention around 92% of organizations’ IT departments are involved in the cloud even if partially.

This loss might end up being something more than what most organizations can handle. For this reason, cloud security is an important existence in the world of the cloud. Cloud security protects all cloud-based infrastructures, data, and applications. It was designed to control and secure the cloud environments to the maximum.

Cloud Security Engineers are cybersecurity professionals who play an important role in securing these cloud environments. They’re in charge of building, maintaining, upgrading, and improving the cloud networks and cloud-based platforms.

They make sure the operations of the cloud infrastructure, platforms, and software are always secure. Cloud Security Engineers are like the knight in shining armor for the organizations that are like the damsel in distress.

Certified Cloud Security Engineer
Certified Cloud Security Engineer (CCSE) Course

However, despite the high demand, there is a lack of Cloud Security Engineers. That is because most organizations don’t want to invest much in cloud security although 77% of organizations have already suffered from cloud security breaches.

There is also a lack of appropriate knowledge in the area among the cybersecurity professionals of an organization in general. That’s why we’re here with the EC Council CCSE Course.

What is the EC Council CCSE Course?

The EC Council CCSE Course is a 5-day training program for those aiming to become Certified Cloud Security Professionals. Cloud Security Experts from all around the globe came together to create the EC Council CCSE (Certified Cloud Security Engineer) Course.

The CCSE course has been created with a detailed and methodical approach to give rise to more cloud security experts who understand the latest security breaches and can figure out the solutions.

What sets this course apart from other Certified Cloud Security Professional courses is that the EC Council CCSE Training program blends the vendor-neutral and vendor-specific security concepts in their module.

This offers the candidates a well-balanced mix of theoretical and practical skills. This way it’s easier for them to understand the different kinds of security breaches that can be easily become more dangerous as time goes by and how to deal with them.

The vendor-neutral concepts focus on the more theoretical concepts like cloud security practices, technologies, frameworks, and principles. Meanwhile, vendor-specific concepts deal with providing candidates with more practical skills needed to configure specific issues on widely used cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

You can also choose between ILT (Instructor-led Training), iWeek, and iLearn as the mode of your course. With iLearn you can self-study as the course will be provided in a streaming video format. iWeek is an online, instructor-led training mode of the course. With the internet, you can access this mode from anywhere.

The ILT mode of the course is in-person training by a professional trainer. This helps in learning all about cloud security with interactive lessons. EC Council provides you with all three options and you are free to choose based on your preference.

Who is the EC Council CCSE Course for?

The modules in this course include advanced topics on implementing regulations and standards of a cloud infrastructure to maintain security. The training program is also in regulation with the actual job responsibilities of a cloud security engineer.

This makes the EC Council CCSE Course suitable for both beginners and experienced cybersecurity professionals. Cybersecurity experts that work in network and cloud administration, management, and operations would benefit the most from opting for this training course.

What will you learn during the CCSE training program?

The EC Council CCSE Training program consists of 11 modules in total. These modules cover various topics like Introduction to Cloud Security, Data Security, Operation Security, Penetration Testing, Standards, Policies, and Legal Issues in the Cloud. Both theoretical and practical parts of these topics are glossed over in this course to guarantee the proper skills of the candidates.

By the end of the training program candidates would be able to perform various actions like planning, implementing, and executing cloud platform security for organizations. They will also be able to evaluate various cloud security standards, compliance programs, and features offered by AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Implementation and management of any cloud security, and threat detection and response services provided by AWS, Azure, and GCP would also be as smooth as clouds floating in the sky for candidates after this course.

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The Takeaway

As the world is shifting to be more and more technology-dependent, cyber risks are also increasing along with it. Cloud Security Professionals are like Power Rangers saving organizations from the villains of security breaches. Currently, organizations aren’t willing to invest much in cloud security. However, the market is expected to grow at a frightening speed in the future.

The Securium Solutions Cloud Security Engineer course was made to give rise to more cloud security professionals, who are about to be in high demand, all around the world. Join the CCSE Course to become a hero in the cloud security world. How does Cloud-Man sound?

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