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Threat Hunting Vs Threat Intelligence

Threat Hunting Vs. Threat Intelligence

There have been a lot of complications and confusion around the concepts of threat intelligence and threat hunting. There are many who consider them the same, but they are far from being similar. But, there is a huge difference between the same. This is why we are here to help you understand the difference between the two.

It is quite common that people to relate both the terms because of their similarity, but there are several factors that make these terms different. Understanding the same is essential so that you can serve the purpose of the organization as per their specific needs in terms of threat intelligence or threat hunting.

So, let’s get going and understand the world of threat intelligence and threat hunting so that you can have clarity about the same.

What is Threat Intelligence?

Threat intelligence is basically a domain where you can avail all the information about the latest threats and vulnerabilities. You get to learn about the different cyber issues that can cause damage to your organization. This type of information is essential for the company’s cybersecurity and IT teams. They are constantly going to revamp their security structure as per the latest updates on security. This ensures that the organization is ready to deal with all types of cyber-attacks.

You never know when there is a new threat or cyberattack causing damage to your system. This is when threat intelligence can help. With the help of threat intelligence, the experts get hold of all the suspicious activities that can literally cost your business a lot.

With the help of threat intelligence, the experts can get hold of activities that leads to attacks and eventually cost business. But, it also helps them assess the procedures and tools that can help them get rid of all the malicious activities.

This shows what threat intelligence is all about. It helps the organization remain a step ahead in the game when compared to the attackers and keep their data safe and secure all the way through. Now when you are clear with the world of threat intelligence, let’s gain clarity about threat hunting and then move ahead.

What is Threat Hunting?

Threat hunting is all about how to assess the threat, if there is any, in the respective business system. This means that you are going to use the information available from threat intelligence and begin the hunt to reach the available vulnerability or threat in the system.

So, basically, threat hunting is a simple process of identifying threats with the help of the information collected through threat intelligence. The threat hunting experts are going to check with the data regularly to keep a good eye on the threats that might cause damage to the business infrastructure. In this way, threat intelligence and threat hunting together can help businesses stay ahead of cyber attacks and keep their data safe and secure from all threats.  

Now when you are clear about the terms threat intelligence and threat hunting, let’s check out the significance these aspects bring into play. Move on to the next segment.

Importance of Threat Intelligence

To make it more clear, below are the significance of the term threat intelligence that you must know about:

1. Predictive: With the help of threat intelligence, organizations can be ahead and assess the threats that might make the most out of their business loopholes and remain ready for the same.

2. Preventative: Another major advantage that businesses avail will with the help of threat intelligence is getting ready for any kind of cyber incidents that might happen in the future.

3. Detection: With the assistance of threat intelligence, it becomes easier for the experts to threats that can be available in business networks. This can help them secure the business from these network threats that can cause data leakage.

4. Responsive: Using threat intelligence technology businesses can be a step ahead and be ready the response to any kind of threat. As they have the data with the help of threat intelligence, it becomes easier to stay ready in terms of response and ensure that there is no damage done to the data whatsoever.

These are a few of the pointers that show how threat intelligence makes a difference in the business world. It helps businesses remain updated with all the latest cyber attack-related information. In this way, they can beat the attackers and eventually keep the infrastructure and network safe and secure. Now when you are clear about the threat intelligence significance, let’s move ahead and understand the importance of threat hunting.

Importance of Threat Hunting

Threat hunting starts with threat intelligence. The experts collect the data and then begin the hunting process. They are going to assess every single piece of information and then look for the threats and vulnerabilities that can cause damage to the business data. Below is the significance that comes with the domain of threat hunting:

1. With the help of a threat hunting program, you get the data to understand where the threat might be in your business IT infrastructure.

2. With the help of threat hunting, you have the best strategy in place to respond to the attack and help your businesses respond to the attack.

3. It helps you understand how you can make your business ready for all the latest cyberattack.

4. It assists your business remain ahead in terms of identification of the different vulnerabilities and threats a lot more quickly and makes it easy for you to deal with the same.

These are the reasons that make threat hunting so important. It helps businesses remain secure and safe from all the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

Last Words

Hopefully, you got the clarity of the difference between threat hunting and threat intelligence. To know more, you can always connect with the experts at Securium Solutions. You just need to reach out to experts, and we will guide you about the same in the most proficient manner. Our experts ensure that you get complete clarity about all the terms related to threat intelligence and threat hunting. Good luck!


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