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Securium Solutions SOC Analyst Training Program

SOC Analyst Training Program

In this blog, we will discuss the Securium Solutions SOC Analyst Training Program. Security Operations Center (SOC) Analysts are cybersecurity professionals who are responsible for monitoring and resisting any threats to the IT infrastructure.

They make sure that if someone dangerous ever discovers an exploitable flaw in the system, they can’t take advantage of it. They keep an eye on any suspicious activity and patch up vulnerabilities quickly. So, they constantly work on those rooms for improvement in the system to prevent maximum exploitation.

Here we are about to discuss the Securium Solutions SOC Analyst Training Program, and everything related. But before we start, let’s get to know SOC Analysts a little better first.

About Securium Solutions SOC Analyst Training Program?

Now that we have introduced SOC Analysts to you, let’s move on to understand the Securium Solutions SOC Analyst Training Program.

The Securium Solutions SOC Analyst Training Program was designed to build your foundation in the area to become a SOC Analyst. The training is designed and intended for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Analysts. The program will help you achieve proficiency using entry-level and intermediate techniques. The trainers responsible for teaching you the technical skills required to become a SOC Analyst are the industry’s most experienced and will give you the best experience during the program.

Objectives Of Our SOC Analyst Training Program

Securium Solutions SOC Analyst Training Program aims to help you acquire a comprehensive understanding of a wide range of SOC processes, technologies, and workflows of the following:

Security threats, attacks, vulnerabilities, attackers’ tactics, cyber kill chain, and more.

Identifying indicators of Compromise (IoCs) by recognizing the attacker’s tactics, tools, and procedures.

Using different technologies which help in monitoring and analyzing logs, and alerts. For example, IDS, IPS, etc.

Working on Centralized Log Management (CLM)

SIEM solutions (Splunk/AlienVault/OSSIM/ELK)

First-hand experience in the development of SIEM

Development of threats, creating reports, etc.

Analysis of security threats, monitoring of emerging threats, and triage alerts.

Dealing with incidents and acquiring a better understanding of SOC and IRT collaborations. 

Content Covered in SOC Analyst Training Program

Securium Solutions provides all the courses required to gain a proper understanding of different concepts and crack exams without them feeling like trials and tribulations in their SOC Training Program. Here are all the modules in the course that make the program a complete and enjoyable 8-course meal.

Security Operations and Management

This module deals with the fundamentals of SOC, its components, and other important topics related to security management and operations.

Understanding Cyber Threats, IoCs, and Attack Methodology

The second module helps you learn more about Cyber Threats and other related things. You also get an overview of the various attack methodologies exploiters use and the indicators of compromise (IoC).

Incidents, Events, and Loggings

Just like its name suggests, this module helps you get a complete understanding of Incidents, Events, and Loggings. Their fundamentals, the concepts, and a lot more are covered.

Enhanced Incident Detection with Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence is the main concern in this module and all topics related are discussed. 

Incident Response

In this module, you get to learn more about all types of incidents that occur and different ways to respond to them. With the SOC Analyst Training Program not only will you have a good understanding of all the topics, but you will also be experienced enough to deal with most occurring incidents.

Major Tools Covered in SOC Analyst Training Program

The following infographic shows the major tools we covered in the SOC analyst training program.

SOC tools
SOC Tools

Why Should You Consider Securium Solutions SOC Analyst Training Program?

Choose Your Mode of Teaching

On enrolling in the course, you are free to choose what kind of approach you want when being taught. You can choose between EC-Council CSA courses and the regular classroom-based approach, depending on your preference alone.

Quick Training

With our efficient training and assistance, you can even get EC-Council certified in just two days! That means your CSA course can be completed in such a short and effective time!

Efficient Learning

The courses are set up keeping in mind your convenience. You can choose when you want to learn. That surprisingly helps a ton, since when you feel like learning, learning becomes a lot easier. Not to mention with our experienced trainers, learning goes as smoothly as a water slide.

Study with the Best

Enrolling in our course lets you work with the best training experts. This way not only will you have an amazing learning experience, but you will also be let in on their years of experience. 

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What Job Roles Can You Get After SOC Analyst Training?

As we mentioned, the SOC Analyst training program has been designed for Tier 1 and Tier 2 level security analysts. Other than that, CISO, Managing Analyst, Compliance Analyst, Program Analyst, and Analyst Tier 3 of SOC are also some job roles you will be eligible for after tuning in to Securium Solutions’ SOC Analyst Training Program.

The Takeaway

As we know, the world is a bed of roses. And the roses have tons of thorns in them. Likewise, the internet is a beautiful but malicious place. You never know what might happen and cybersecurity is like a soft shoe saving you from the malicious thorns. But a few sharp needles can pierce right through once in a while. SOC Analysts come to their rescue and act like shoe cobblers in this case. They make sure the areas pierced get patched quickly and you can run around among the roses again.

Anyone with an interest in the field of Cybersecurity can choose to take Securium Solutions SOC Analyst Training Program and start their journey toward becoming a cybersecurity expert. So, who is up to becoming a knight in shining armor for those with a pierced shoe in a thorny rose garden?


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