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Reverse Engineering Techniques for Penetration Testers

Reverse Engineering Techniques for Penetration Testers

Today, with cyber-attacks increasing with every passing day, businesses are constantly investing in solutions to keep them away. One such solution is reverse engineering penetration testing. This is why businesses are constantly looking for professional penetration testers.

The number of data breaches kept on increasing. In fact, in the year 2021, it will cost companies more than 4 million USD. This is the reason why businesses are constantly investing in penetration testers who can help them remain secure. The testers use different techniques and tools that help them assess any kind of vulnerabilities and threats that can cost them in the coming time.

But, it has been seen that because of the shortage of experts, it has become tough for businesses to deal with the attacks. Today, there is a huge opportunity for all to have an excellent career in this field of service. If you are taking up the course on cybersecurity, makes sure that you understand the reverse engineering technique.

If you are thinking about what it is, then you have certainly landed on the right page. We are here to help you with all the information about it so that you make your decision wisely and have a great career as a penetration tester. Let’s get started with the same.

Reverse Engineering Techniques: Synopsis

We all know how the demand for the testers is getting higher with every passing day. It helps businesses remain prepared with all the best tricks and techniques to counter cyber attacks. Penetrations testers use different methods to check for vulnerabilities and threats that can cause trouble. One such common method is reverse engineering.

When it comes to reverse engineering techniques it is divided into two types of methods. It is static reverse engineering and dynamic reverse engineering. There are several testers who are using the combination of both methods to find the threats and vulnerabilities with the tools given below.

Static Analysis

Talking about static analysis, the experts here debug the code without getting the application running. Here the penetration testers are using the static code analyzers to check the weakness available in the code. This approach helps them check the gaps that can lead to security-related issues. In fact, it has proven to be very effective when it comes to catching the issues like cross-site scripting and SQL injection threats.

This type of reverse engineering is also divided into two categories, and they are binary code analysis and source code analysis. You might be thinking about how the tools of static code analysis work. We have it sorted for you in the below segment.

Static Code Analysis: How do The Tools Work?

These tools can assess the compiled code even before the application is running. It includes both binary and source code analysis. Take a look:

Binary code analysis: This type of static code analysis means assessing the binary code with the help of the hex editor. Here you can find out all the characters in the form of hexadecimal numbers. It is going to get to be converted into machine code that can help in the process of uncovering the weakness available.

Source code analysis: When it comes to this type of static code analysis, it is basically a process that helps in identifying the flaws in the source code. This can help you understand the flaws that can be the source of action for the attackers. It can help you track vulnerabilities, buffer overflows, format string attacks, and a lot more. So, you can plan accordingly and keep the system secure all the way through.

Static Analysis Tools

Below are two of the most popular static analysis tools that can help in the process of assessing attacks that can cause damage in the time to come.

Static Analysis Tool for Java (SATJ)


Hopefully, you got clarity about Static analysis reverse engineering. Now let’s move on to another form of reverse engineering that is famous among penetration testers.

Dynamic Analysis

When comes to Dynamic analysis, it is basically an automated approach that helps the testers to get hold of threats and vulnerabilities. With the help of this type of reverse engineering, the tester gets to assess all the aspects of the applications and check the vulnerabilities and threats, if any. It also helps the testers to check the behavior of all the aspects to keep the threats at bay.

Dynamic Code Analysis: How do The Tools Work?

Pre-processor injection: In this type of dynamic reverse engineering, the primary step is to inject the shellcode in the respective programming language. This is done even before the coding language is compiled. As and when the program gets going, the shellcode starts as well. It helps in exploiting different flaws in the system. Accordingly, the penetration tester can strategize to get the gaps down and ensure that it is not exploited.

Automated fingerprinting: This type of dynamic reverse engineering can help you acknowledge malicious codes with the use of heuristics. It helps you understand the pattern to assess the exploits in the coding language. The primary concept is to get a fingerprint for every single programming language. This helps in addressing the pattern that leads to malicious coding.

Symbol resolution: When it comes to symbol resolution, it includes getting hold of functions in binaries and connecting them to their correct symbols. This is very important because it assists in assessing the unused functions that can lead to issues in binary.

Dynamic Analysis Tool 

Below are the tools that can help you perform dynamic analysis reverse engineering in the most proficient manner. Take a look:

JavaBean (JBeacon)


Kali Linux




WHOIS lookup

Last Words

Hopefully, you have got a complete understanding of the term reverse engineering. If you are thinking about pursuing the course of penetration testing, make sure that you follow the respective segment as it is in huge demand. It helps the businesses get complete security in every aspect. If you are looking for assistance, then you can consider connecting with the experts at Securium Solution. You get complete assistance as per your custom needs.


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