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Offensive Security PEN-210 and OSWP Certification

When it comes to the Offensive Security Pen-210 program, it has been designed by experts in the respective to help the learners get the desired understanding of the approach that can help them secure wireless devices. This is why it is also acknowledged Offensive Security Wireless Attacks program. It is basically a foundation course that can help the ones who desire to have additional skills in the field of network security. Here at Securium Solutions, we have the best professors in the team to help you with the respective course at your convenience, which can pave the way for excellent opportunities ahead.

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    What You Get To Learn In PEN-210 and the OSWP Certification?

    With this PEN-210 and the OSWP Certification, the students can get a complete understanding of the process of different techniques used to track vulnerabilities in different networks. It helps you learn how you can keep the network secure from all types of cyber attacks and keep the data safe and secure. You get to learn about how you can set up a home-based lab that can assist you in performing different techniques and tricks for protecting the network.

    As and when you get the course fully completed at Securium Solutions, you are fully prepared for the certification exams. We ensure that you are able to clear the exams on the first attempt itself.

    Benefits of Pursuing The PEN-210 Course

    Below are the benefits that you get from pursuing the course of PEN-210. Check it out:

    1. It is going to help the learner to understand all about the existing vulnerabilities and encryptions in the respective network.
    2. Another major advantage that you get with the help of the respective course is that it will help you learn how to dodge network security limitations and threats. It also assists you in learning about the ways to recover encryption keys in play.

    OSCP PEN-210 Course Modules

    Module 01: IEEE 802.11

    Module 02: Wireless Networks

    Module 03: Wi-Fi Encryption

    Module 04: Linux Wireless Tools, Drivers, and Stacks

    Module 05: Wireshark Essentials

    Module 06: Frames and Network Interaction

    Module 07: Aircrack-ng Essentials

    Module 08: Cracking Authentication Hashes

    Module 09: Attacking WPS Networks

    Module 10: Rogue Access Points

    Module 11: Attacking WPA Enterprise

    About the exam

    Below are the primary highlights of the PEN-210 certification. Check it out:

    1. This course will help you get well-prepared for the OSCP certification.
    2. 4-hour long exam.

    Choose the Learning Mode that You Prefer.

    Online Training Class

    Additionally, prepared video sessions are an option that is accessible at any time from any specific location.

    Corporate Training

    Employ a preferred trainer at your workplace at your desired time slots to effectively train your staff.

    OSCP PEN-200 Course Description

    If you are willing to pursue the respective course, then below, we have specified every detail related to it. Check it out:

    Below are the aspects that you need to tick to be able to sit for OSCP Pen-200 certification:
    1. 1.Having a proper understanding of TCP/IP and the OSI model.
    2. 2.Having a good understanding of the Linux operating system.
    3. 3.Having knowledge of desktops or laptop that can operate the Kali Linux operating system
    4. 4.If these boxes are ticked, then you can certainly sit for OSWP certification without any disruption.
    Below are the ones who can consider pursuing the course of information security to get a complete understanding of penetration testing. Check it out:
    1. 1.Security professionals and enthusiasts
    2. 2.Network administrators

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. Below is the list of the hardware that you must have to pursue the course of PEN-210. Check it out:

    1. 1.NETGEAR AC1000 (R6080)
    2. 2.Linksys WiFi 5 Router Dual-Band AC1200 (E5400)
    3. 3.Recommended Wireless Cards
    4. 4.Alfa AWUS036NHA

    Below mentioned are the prerequisites of the PEN-210 course. Check it out:

    The learner needs to have a dedicated wireless Access Point and a wireless card. It supports traffic injection that can help you in pursuing the course of PEN-210 Course and help you get your exams cleared without any hassle. If you have any more queries and doubts, then you can always consider connecting with the experts at Securium Solutions and get a complete understanding of the same.

    The course of PEN-210 can be pursued at your convenience and needs. You can pursue the course as and when you desire, and our experts are going to be on board without any delay to help you with the course.

    You can always consider connecting with the experts at Securium Solutions. We are going to help you with the PEN-210 course, which can assist you with an understanding of the different modules and enhance your chances of better opportunities and progress.

    To know about the new exam for offensive security, you can always connect with Securium Solutions. We can help you have a complete understanding of the same so that you can apply without any kind of difficulty whatsoever.

    To know about the new exam for offensive security, you can always connect with Securium Solutions. We can help you have a complete understanding of the same so that you can apply without any kind of difficulty whatsoever.s

    OSCP PEN-210

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