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Latest 5 Network Security Concerns for Organizations in 2022 [Reasons & Solutions]

5 Network Security Concerns

We all know how technologies are constantly evolving, but so are the ways to crack these technologies and cause trouble to businesses. As businesses are now shifting towards the latest advancement in the world of technologies, they need to remain updated about the security threats related to it as well.

Businesses around the world are constantly facing network-related issues. If they are not taking the right actions for the same, then it is certainly going to cause them a lot of damage. This is why we are here to assist you with a few of the tips that can help you remain aware of the network security related issues that might cause trouble to your business in the year 2022. Not only this, but we are also here to help you with the best ways to prevent the same as well. Let’s get started on it.

#1 Ransomware

The first and the most important aspect that you need to keep in mind is ransomware damage. As per the latest reports, ransomware damage is going to cross $260 billion by 2031. So, this means there is going to be a ransomware attack every 2 seconds if the businesses are not protecting themselves from the same.

When it comes to a ransomware attack, the system used by the respective individual or the company is locked through the encryption process. The hackers are asking for a sum of ransom money to get access to the device back. As and when the amount is transferred to them, they share the steps that need to be followed to get access to the device back. But, it is important that you also follow the actions that can help you remain away from these kinds of attacks.

Ways To Prevent:

  • The first and the most important step that you need to follow is having a proper backup.
  • Keep your software updated all the time.
  • Make sure that the links from unknown sources are avoided.
  • Do not open attachments from emails that come from unknown sources.
  • Follow the best possible steps to remain away from paying any kind of ransom.
  • Ensure that the best possible antivirus software is in place to alert you about any such activity and allow you to prevent any kind of activity.

#2 Insider threats

Another trouble that you might face in terms of network-related issues is insider attack. There have been businesses that have suffered big times because of their employees. There are times when employees unintentionally or intentionally access the business network, and it affects the business negatively.

The primary reason behind this kind of attack is making misuse of the policies in place related to the network. The employees might share their email Id And password with others knowingly or unknowingly, and this can make businesses face cyber threats and data breach-like situations that can cause a lot of damage to their business data.

Ways To Prevent:

  • The first way to avoid this scenario is by restricting employees’ access to the areas where it is not needed.
  • You must let the employees know about the security measures that are taken so that they can know the consequences of their actions.
  • It is impotent that you let the employees know about the different forms of security threats and how shall they deal with the same.
  • Have a monitoring system installed to keep an eye on your employee’s actions.
  • Get two-factor authentication installed to protect from unauthorized access.

#3 Phishing

Another major network-related issue that you might face in the year 2022 is phishing. It is growing at a very brisk pace, and as per the latest reports, more than 43% of the breaches have happed because of phishing. So, it is important that your business actions are aware of the same and you keep the breaches out of context.

You must never fall for the emails and offers that come your way. You must avoid all kinds of attractive emails so that you can keep yourself away from the reach of hackers. It is important that you keep yourself away from the reach of hackers that can cost you a lot of data. You must train all your employees about the same and ensure that they are not performing any such activity that can lead to data-related loss.

Ways To Prevent:

  • The best way to prevent any such action is to block or delete emails from an unknown source.
  • You must let the employees know about not clicking on any emails that come from a different source with offers-related links.
  • You must make sure that employees’ emails are properly monitored, which can lead to data breach-related issues.

#4 Cloud attacks

Another important aspect of life is the cloud. We all know how businesses are moving towards the cloud to enhance their working capabilities. It comes with various security configurations, but not many businesses know that even this can be targeted by hackers.

If there are any kind of misconfigurations, then it can lead to several problems that include intrusions, network vulnerabilities, and data breach-like situations as well. So, it is important that you keep the cloud system updated with the best of the security attributes that can help you keep your data safe in every aspect.

Ways To Prevent:

  • Get your employees trained about the same.
  • Have a secure and sound data backup in place.
  • Check who can get access to your data
  • Always consider following penetration testing

#5 Malver-tising attacks

Another network-related issue that your business might face is in the form of Malicious advertising. In this type of attack, the criminals come with digital ads that are injected with malware that can get access to the device when clicked.

So, it is important for businesses to remain aware of the same and let their employees also know about the same. They need to make sure that these advertisements are avoided so that data breach-like situations are not happening.

Ways To Prevent:

  • Have your extensions and software are updated
  • Get antivirus software installed
  • Also, install ad blockers
  • Avert considering Flash or Java programs
  • Get the ads scanner running
  • Do not use JavaScript or Flash in ads

Last Words

So, these are the network security concerns that businesses must watch out for in the year 2022 and also in the time to come. You must follow the preventive measures as stated and have a cybersecurity specialist at work to assist you with complete protection from any of the above-mentioned issues.


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