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Joker Malware And Joker Malware Apps


Lately, Joker Malware has been in the news. We have come up with this article to help everyone understand what this MALWARE is all about. There have been many mobile applications that have been infected with this malware earlier.

But, it is back again. The Joker Malware is there on Google Play and has been spotted in mobile application color messages. The prime objective of this malware is to infect popular applications available on the Google Play store. It enters the user’s phone as and when the respective individual downloads and installs the application. It bypasses the Google Play security and vetting checks and gets into the application.

This Malware was the first reported in the year 2017, and from then, Google has been countering it very hard to ensure that the users are completely secure from it. This malware steals the money from the users by making them subscribe to the services and that too without their consent. Not only this, it is clicking the ads online automatically and also gets complete access to the OTPs as well to the payment approval without even letting the user know about the same.

Things That Make Joker Malware Scary

As and when the users install the infected application, the joker malware instantly initiates its process of looking into your phone and stealing the maximum possible information. Take a look a look at the activities performed by Joker Malware:

1. It not only steals the information but also sends them to the hackers without even making you know about the same.

2. It is also capable enough to copy the SMSs and text messages that help them get access to the OTPs as well.

3. It also gets into your contact lists to get hold of the different mobile numbers and eventually try for different fraudulent activities.

This shows how it can be a scare for all. It can not only gain access to your data but also to your OTPs which can harm your bank balance quite drastically. So, you need to be careful and check with the applications you are going to download for different purposes. Thinking about how to keep reading!

Ways To Defend Against Joker Malware

If you are thinking about how you can protect your device from the attack of Joker Malware apps, then below mentioned are the steps that can certainly assist you. Take a look:

1. At first, you need to anti-malware application or software installed on your device. This ensures that the device is being scanned regularly for the purpose of catching the infection and getting the same removed.

2. Secondly, you need to give a closer look at the kind of application your phone actually has in store. When you are launching an application for the first time, check whether Android is alerting about the same or not. You must check whether the application is asking for access to the contact list, camera, or any other in-build applications or not and then proceed ahead.

3. If there is a prompt question about why the application needs access to a camera, messages, or contacts, then you must act suspiciously and get the application removed at the earliest.

4. It is important you never ignore any kind of alerts you have been getting after installing the application. It can help you save yourself from such Malware and protect your device.

So, these are the steps that you must consider taking to protect yourself from this Malware. You need to be cautious and attentive whenever you have a new application installed and check with all the alerts that come your way in the process.

Joker Malware-Infected Apps That You Must Remove From Your Phone Now

To help you out, we have come up with a list of applications that have been reported to be carrying Joker Malware, and you must get the same removed without even thinking twice. Take a look at the joker malware apps:

1. Color Message

2. All Good PDF scanner

3. Private SMS

4. Tangram App Lock

5. Mint Leaf Message-Your Private Message

6. Direct Messenger

7. Care Message

8. Style Photo Collage

9. Easy PDF Scanner

10. Now Qr Code Scan

11. Super-Click VPN

12. Volume Booster Louder Sound Equalizer

13. Battery Charging Animation Bubble Effects

14. Smart TV Remote

15. Volume Boosting Hearing Aid

16. Flashlight Flash Alert on Call

17. Halloween Coloring

18. Classic Emoji Keyboard

19. Super Hero-Effect

20. Dazzling Keyboard

21. Emoji One Keyboard

22. Battery Charging Animation Wallpaper

23. Blender Photo Editor-Easy Photo Background Editor

And more

Wrap Up

Hopefully, now you are clear about what Joker Malware is and how it is causing a ruckus all around the world. It is important that you remain cautious while downloading any application and also have the necessary anti-malware application available in case of any issue. Following the steps above can help you remain protected from any kind of harm caused by Joker malware apps.


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