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How To Become A Security Administrator In 2022?

How To Become A Security Administrator In 2022?

In this blog, we have covered a complete roadmap for how to become a security administrator in 2022. As you already know the competition is fierce in every domain today. To have a successful career in the field of security, one needs to have a strong profile and skill set. If you are thinking about having a career as a security administrator, then you have certainly landed on the right page.

We are here to help you understand all about security administrator profiles. This can help you can prepare yourself accordingly and enhance your chances of having a successful career. Let's get started.

What is a Security Administrator?

Security Administrators are experts who take complete care of IT security and safety-related issues in their respective companies. From regular audits, assessments, and training, to planning the right counterattack to using the best tools, they take care of all.

Today, most companies are dependent on computer systems and the Internet. There is a high possibility of cyber-attack if a proper security solution is not implemented. This can lead to loss of business data and reputation. This is why the demand for cybersecurity experts is getting higher with every passing day.

The security administrators take complete responsibility for the security concerns and ensure that the business remains safe and secure. It is an exciting career opportunity to pursue but requires a lot of hard work. We are here to help you understand the certifications, responsibilities, and growth opportunities you might avail yourself of in this profile. It can help you move ahead with a clear plan to lead a successful professional life as a security administrator.

Security Administrator Roles and Responsibilities

First, let's understand the responsibilities you might have to take in as a security administrator. Going through the below pointers can help you gain clarity on the things that you need to prepare to enhance your chances of growth even more. Let's start:

Security Administrator Responsibilities:

You need to learn to set up the system processes with the different user accounts. The accounts must have set parameters as per the needs of the company.

You must regularly oversee and monitor the network traffic.

You also need to develop and deploy technical policies for the users to follow.

You must know how to defend the organization against destruction attempts, malicious attacks, or unauthorized access.

You also need to perform vulnerability scanning on a regular basis.

You must regularly audit the system's performance by scanning its network.

You need to audit activities using log files and user access details.

You also need to learn to provide technical security advice that can help the team keep the business data secure.

You must be able to manage account exceptions as well, which include lockouts, forgotten passwords, and more.

You also need to be responsible for assessing the security needs of the company's network.

You should be able to configure security tools as per the system's needs

You need to constantly work on a security awareness program to let your fellow employees follow the same and keep things secure.

You can also learn to develop protocols that can assist in the time of disaster recovery.

You also need to provide the support that includes patch management systems, firewalls, and anti-virus software.

You need to deploy the corporate data safeguards, network security, application security policies, and access management wisely.

These are a few of the responsibilities that you need to work on as being security administrator. Not let's understand the roles that you might have to work in while pursuing this field. It can help you prepare yourself accordingly to adopt without any hassle.

Security Administrator Roles:

Network Security Administrator: If you are working as a network security administrator, you need to work on different policies to keep the network out of reach of the ones without access. You need to prepare policies and implement them to ensure that network remains secure and sound all the time to keep your company operations safe and secure. You need to monitor and update your business network constantly to be ahead in the game.

Cyber Security Analyst: You can also work as a cyber security analyst to ensure that the company system and network are completely safe. You need to regularly audit your business IT infrastructure and ensure that the best steps are taken to keep it free from security issues.

How to Become a Security Administrator?

Check out the steps that you need to cover to enhance your chances of becoming a successful security administrator:

1. The first and the most important thing to tick is to get your 10+2 degree and then move ahead. But, you cannot become a security administrator without this step. This is why it is important for you to keep this in mind before starting. 

2. The next step is to work on having the necessary skills to become a security administrator after successfully completing your 12th. This can enhance your chances of becoming a security administrator. But, you need to make sure that you have secured 50% on subjects like mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

3. After this, you need to work on the entrance examination for different universities where you can pursue security administrator-related courses. A few of the entrance exams that you can consider are JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, WBJEE, and more.

4. You need to get your bachelor's degree in chemistry, physics, computer science, and math to enhance your chances of pursuing a career with a security administrator profile. You can consider pursuing a BCA (Bachelor of Computer Administration), B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering, B.Tech in Information Technology, B.Tech in Computer Engineering, and many other courses to enhance your chances.

5. The post-bachelor condition to become a security administrator is to consider pursuing a course that helps you get the certificate that can help you be job ready.


CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)

CompTIA Security+

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)

CISSO (Certified Information Systems Security Officer)

CompTIA CySA+ (CompTIA Certified Security Analyst)

Hopefully, you are clear about the security administrator roles and responsibilities that you need to take care of as a security administrator. But, this is not it. Now we are going to discuss the steps that you need to take to become a successful security administrator. Move on to the next segment.

Security Administrator Salary in India

When it comes to security administrator salary in India, it varies from one place to another depending on the certification. The average pay is approximately Rs. 3 Lakhs to Rs. 15 Lakhs per annum. The amount is bound to get better with experience and skills addition. So, you need to constantly groom yourself as per the industry's latest trends and requirements to enhance your chances of making it big.

Why Securium Solutions?

We have been in this field of service for a long and have made many students have a successful career in security administrator profiles. You can pursue the certifications with us and get all the support to crack the exams on the first attempt. Not only this, with us, you can get yourself job ready as well, which can pave the way for excellent growth opportunities as well.

So, you can connect with securium solutions to get complete assistance to become a successful security administrator in 2022.


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