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How The Cybersecurity Education Trend Has Changed In The Last 10 Years?

Cybersecurity Education Trend

In the last 10 years, we have seen a big spike in online trading and business options. But, with this spike, we also noticed a spike in online fraud as well. It has left businesses shattered around the world. There are fraudsters who are targeting small loopholes in your online business and getting hold of your data.

In the last ten years, we have already lost more than a billion to cybercrimes. This is why businesses around the world are now investing heavily in cybersecurity to ensure that they are protected from all kinds of cyber frauds. This is why the demand for cybersecurity professionals is quite high. 

Now many students are routing for a career in the cybersecurity career when compared to 10 years back, and there is a high chance of making it big. Let's assess how the cybersecurity education trend has changed in the last 10 years and what we need to look forward to. 

The Rise In Demand for Cybersecurity Courses

There are a number of reasons that make one consider pursuing cybersecurity courses. It is undoubtedly a worthy investment, with more than 3.5 million jobs vacant around the world by 2022

This is not the only reason behind the cybersecurity course's high demand. The package attached to a cybersecurity degree is quite astonishing. This degree can fetch around $420,000 annually as a Chief Information Security Officer. The overall average you can earn while being in this post is around $240,000, as specified on Forbes.com.

Source: forbes.com

With so many job posts to be filled, the packages offered to cybersecurity professionals can get even better. All of this reflects why in today's world, investing in a cybersecurity degree can prove to be the best choice for you to have a remarkable career ahead.

Companies Recruiting Cybersecurity Degree Holders

As discussed above, cybersecurity experts are in high demand, and that is too different business sectors. If you do a LinkedIn search with the keywords "cybersecurity," you get more than 50,000, results and that includes:

More than 1,000 postings from Booz Allen Hamilton

More than 1,500 search results from Deloitte 

More than 6,000 from ClearanceJobs 

Around 5,000 posts from ClearedJobs.Net 

This reflects that the demand is there to stay, and this is pushing students and professionals to get themselves certified in this domain of the industry. These are just LinkedIn search results, overall search numbers can go up even more. Below mentioned are a few of the industries where the demand for cybersecurity professionals is heating up with every passing day. Take a look:

  • Government
  • Retail
  • Financial services
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Gambling
  • And more.

Value of Pursuing Cybersecurity

In the last decade, the world has witnessed a humongous rise in cyber threats and crimes. This made organizations, individuals, and governments enhance awareness regarding the same. This is why there are many colleges and universities that now have different degree programs in their respective domain. 

All these programs are designed after taking input from the security professionals, stakeholders, and industry leaders. The prime motive has been to train maximum individuals to become cybersecurity professionals. These programs keep getting updated with the latest security advancements in the respective industry. 

It helps one to adore the skills to be ahead of the cybercriminals and ensure that the organization they are working for is fully secure. Companies around the world look for experts who not only holds degree but also have the proper experience. This gives them an assurance that the right expert is there to help them keep their business IT infrastructure safe from all the hurdles. 

But, it is important that you pursue the right cybersecurity course to avail the best opportunity. Not all the courses hold high value. Choose your cybersecurity program wisely to have a fulfilling career ahead. 

How has Cybersecurity Education Trend Changed In The Last 10 Years?

There has been a dramatic change in terms of the value of cybersecurity education. With the rise in demand for cybersecurity experts, the education policies related to it have also evolved quite significantly. Now having a cybersecurity degree makes a big difference. How? Let us take a look:

1. Availing A Cyber Security Degree Is Equality Job Security

If there has been any the best to get in the field of cybersecurity, then it has to be now! The rise in cyber-attacks and threats has turmoiled all the industries. Eventually, this has pushed the demand for cybersecurity experts very high. In fact, the demand is higher than the supply. 

This means that if you are a qualified cybersecurity specialist, your job is more or less secure for sure. The stats depict a similar picture. Take a look:

  • As per the latest study by Forbes, More than 1.8 million cybersecurity jobs are going to be unfilled by 2022.

So, you can definitely say the market of cybersecurity is on fire. The one with the cybersecurity degree is getting better packages and appraisals when compared to any other department of the company. This gets even better as several professionals are even entertained with counter offers from different companies. 

With a cybersecurity degree in hand, you can breathe easy with no job security stress! 

2. Earn High Packages 

We all love high annual packages. Don't we? A decade back, a cybersecurity expert could have only dreamt of having their package in 5 digits. But, not all the records are shattered when it comes to paying cybersecurity professionals. 

The reason is quite simple. The shortage of skilled cybersecurity experts has made companies pay big money to get a specialist on board. Now cybersecurity position is considered to be one of the most highly compensated sectors in the tech domain. Take a look at a few of the stats painting a clear picture:

  • A cybersecurity engineer has a median salary of around $96,478 as per Payscale.com.
  • An entry-level security analyst has an average salary of $82,565 as per Ziprecruiter.com
  • On average Cybersecurity expert in the U.S. earns $94,716 annually as per Ziprecruiter.com.
  • An IT Security Specialist earns the median salary of approximately $96,152 as per Indeed.com.

The above-mentioned stats are for the starting positions. But, as you gain experience in the respective field of service, your package gets even better.

Source: medium.com

To help you, below are a few of the stats for the same:

  • In San Francisco, the CISO salary spectrum goes up to $380,000. The overall average in this domain is $240,000 annually. (As per Forbes.com)
  • In the United States, the average salary for CISOs and their equivalents is $273,033. (As per SecurityCurrent.com)
  • In the United States, the median base salary for CISO is $217,768 (As per salary.com)

These numbers reflect how the value of a cybersecurity degree has gone multifold in the last decade. The demand for cybersecurity education is at its peak, with so much in rewards waiting for them. All in all, the demand is high, the salaries are soaring, and what else do you need to pursue the respective course. It has been a huge turnaround in the respective field, without a doubt. 

3. Investing in Cybersecurity Education Is Worth It

When it comes to getting a degree in the field of cybersecurity, it can cost you around $20,000-$70,000. But, if you compare the same with what you get in terms of salaries and packages, this investment is certainly worth it. This was not a decade back but, now every single business sector is looking for cybersecurity professionals. So, investing in the cybersecurity education domain pays for itself. Completing the course successfully is surely going to take you a lot higher than you can expect, as stated above. 

4. Options In Cybersecurity Are Growing Multifold

The demand for information security analysts has increased at a 31 percent rate as per the report provided by The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is way faster than the average of many other job positions in the industry.

As the opportunities in the field of cybersecurity keep getting higher, the education level needed to land these jobs is also very high. As per the latest report of CyberSeek, more than 25 percent of employers in need of a cybersecurity architect-engineer require a graduate degree. The ones who are qualified with the right degrees have endless opportunities for them to make the most out of in both the public and private sectors. 

In most cybersecurity positions, a master's degree is required. It is, in fact, a must-have for the upper-level positions. Below stated are a few of the options you get to work in after completing your cybersecurity education. Take a look:

  • Cybersecurity Analyst: It is also acknowledged as an IT security analyst and information security analyst. If you are working as one, your role is to strategize and implement security-related measures to keep the computer systems and networks protected. You also need to strategize for a disaster-like situation so that the loss is minimum and the recovery time is quick.
  • Network Administrator: It is considered to be one of the most in-demand job positions in the year 2020. The responsibilities of a network administrator are to keep track of the network, assess the need for network equipment, configure and test the ordered networking equipment, and troubleshoot.
  • Cybersecurity Specialist: It is also acknowledged as an IT security specialist. While working in this position, you need to ensure that the information systems are completely secure from any kind of cyberattacks and fraud. 
  • Security Auditor: As the name suggests, the security auditor needs to audit the company's and organization's security systems including reporting about the system's performance. They need to assess whether there are any changes required to enhance the security of the company's infrastructure and then report the same.  
  • Cybersecurity Consultant: This position is also called a security consultant, security specialist, personnel security specialist, and physical security specialist. The primary role of cybersecurity consultants is to ensure that the systems, networks, and data are safeguarded completely. 
  • Cybersecurity Architect: As a cybersecurity architect, you need to ensure that the organization's system and network security infrastructure are perfectly fine. Your job is to strategize, design, test, maintain, and implement the best security protocols. 
  • Penetration Tester: As a penetration tester, you need to assess any kind of loopholes in the systems and policies' security.

These are a few of the job positions that you get offered after completing your cybersecurity education. You can specialize in any of the domains of cybersecurity and get yourself a job in a good position right from the start. 

5. Flexible Programs 

As working adults, we are always looking for programs that are flexible in terms of pursuing the same. Having an option to get a degree online does make it easier for many to balance their college life and jobs. In the last decade, it has become a lot easier for students and professionals to pursue the course of cybersecurity programs from their best universities right from their homes itself. You might find many universities and colleges providing options to pursue their course offline and online. 

With the help of online learning, students can access the best cybersecurity programs no matter where they are located. It helps them pursue the respective programs at their convenience and at very nominal rates. This is a dramatic change witnessed in the last decade as learning got flexible and easy to access. 

6. The Cybersecurity Basics With Leadership And Management Skills

While you pursue a cybersecurity course of study, you not only enhance your skills related to the respective subject but also boost your leadership and management skills in the training. This is done so that it can help you land a job in the leadership positions in your company. To get to the highest cybersecurity positions, you need to have the right skills and qualities. 

This is why nowadays, there are several programs that not only help you gain the right cybersecurity skills but also train you in management. These programs help students get real-world exposure to ensure that they are job-effective from day one of their services. 

7 Financial Incentives 

As the demand for cybersecurity professionals is high in all sectors, there are many offering financial incentives to the ones who are interested in having a career in the respective field of service. There are many scholarship programs now being offered to students around the world who are looking to pursue cybersecurity. This shows the rise in the importance of cybersecurity professionals in the last ten years. This has made many consider pursuing the respective course and eventually have an astonishing career ahead. 

Wrap Up

Hopefully, you are clear about the cybersecurity education trends and dominance in the last decade. With the rise in cybercrimes, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is not going to get down in the coming time. Every industry, business sector, or even individual is going to need the assistance of a cyber expert to ensure that their online data is safe and secure. The rise of cybersecurity education is a certainty, and so are the ones who are pursuing it! Good luck! 


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