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How Digital Security Development Program Will Empower Cybersecurity Education In UAE?

Digital security and curbing cybercrimes are major issues in UAE. Keeping this in view, UAE digital security development program aims to provide a safe and robust environment to protect and maintain the digital trust of its citizens. It strives to enhance its incident and response management capabilities and improve threat neutralization capabilities. It further aims to inform and educate the workforce about cyber security and promote research in the field. This led to empowerment in cybersecurity education. UAE – authority, industry, educational institutes, and public - have contributed to empowering the cyber-security knowledge and direct country to become Cyber Educated Country.

The initiatives and strategies started on cybersecurity in the UAE help people to become more aware of the cyber-threats and increase their knowledge in the field of cybersecurity. These initiatives aim to develop understanding about cyber security in the whole country and have a society that has an open understanding of data security and is sensible when organizing online interactions. These schemes and rules from TRA (Telecommunication Regulatory Authority) focus to educate CEH v11 In UAE especially to the UAE scholars to guide envoys in advancing and increasing awareness for data security across the UAE. Cyber citizenship program educates school students, undergraduates, and postgraduates, trainers, and families. The UAE cybercrime guidelines are submerged in the educational program to promote the knowledge of these guidelines through regional case studies. In this way, UAE’s digital security program is involved in academic institutions and awakes more and more students about cyber-security. Making more and more people aware of the term cybersecurity in UAE means empowering cybersecurity education in UAE.

The TRA (Telecommunication Regulatory Authority) and assert (Computer Emergency Response Team) along with the Ministry of Education started a program to make cybersecurity, a key part of the UAE syllabus. It is planned to improve cybersecurity intelligence among learners at all generations of learning. This curriculum comprises online projects, presentations, and case studies prepared to guide the best exercise to teachers at home, certifying them to deliver it to their tutees. This knowledge will then deliver from students to every individual of UAE. This understandable and easy-to-utilize educational program is prepared to grant students a fundamental understanding of cyber-safety. The educational program combines guidelines for both tutors and learners, organized in-class projects and lectures, as well as fun and entertainment plays. The material of the syllabus contains a broad classification of cyber threats and simple ways to make sure safety. The comprehensive material extends to bear data security, along with password security and phishing safety protocols, safe browser operation, and appropriate use of sharing data on internet services to preserve the privacy of individuals. Industries participating in educational institutions also enable institutions to stay updated and rectify their educational program according to the current industry trends to prepare the students for future professions.

Cybercriminals usually pick to exploit the community with infirm or absent cybercrime rules and within societies that fail knowledge about cybersecurity. Hence, the UAE launched many laws and rules to converse cyber-attacks. UAE illegalizes the use of cyberspace to violate the privacy of another individual, the recorded tape of audio or video talk or communication, capturing photos of someone or duplicating the same, and broadcasting rumors, messages, or details. This law educates the students about cyber-threats when they are on the internet. They will be more aware while using a service on the internet and keep themselves protected from these cyber-crimes. Cybersecurity education in UAE will empower their knowledge in cybersecurity even more.

In UAE, the Dubai Future Academy, the Dubai Future Foundation's initiative, carries frequent seminars and crash courses to demonstrate modern practices by advertising proficiency and supporting individuals ' skills to help them train effectively for the developing future. Dark Matter Group, the country’s first and at best perfectly integrated digital conversion, security, and supplier of cybersecurity alternatives. Cyber Education has been started by providing numerous lectures and workshops to enhance the cyber talent of students – from basic security awareness workshops to teaching them for specific sectors. UAE has developed many research centers like the Information Security Research Centre (ISRC) at the Khalifa University, which awards MSc and Ph.D. programs in cyber-security, and the Centre for Cyber Security (CCS) at New York University Abu Dhabi, which aims at associating with basic regional universities, industry and authorized firms to promote the cybersecurity research and empower the cyber knowledge of UAE.

UAE’s Cyber Security Council introduced an internship program for graduates of UAE. The purpose of the program is to strengthen the internet security intelligence of interns, further preserve the UAE’s digital conversion, and prepare them with beneficial professional expertise and skill-sets. It opens the interns to numerous internet security areas where they will acquire beneficial awareness and hands-on practices while functioning with security episodes and complicated vulnerability administrative departments.

All these schemes and programs are conducted by UAE cyber security authorities, keeping in view, the security and safety of the country are intensifying the cyber knowledge of the community and empowering the cybersecurity education in UAE.



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