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7 Different Types of Cyber Attacks to Keep an Eye On in 2022

7 Different Types of Cyber Attacks to Keep an Eye On in 2022

A cyberattack is an action to get access to a particular network, system, or device without any authority. In different types of cyber-attacks, the attacker works with the prime objective of hacking all the data and then making money out of it. They are constantly looking for gaps that can help them get into the system or network of the business and get hold of all the business data and information.

This is why the demand for cybersecurity experts has gone up significantly. Businesses and organizations are investing heavily in the domain of cybersecurity so that they can have their IT infrastructure protected from all kinds of attacks.

Here in this write-up, we are going to discuss the seven different types of cyber-attacks that you must keep an eye on in the running year and plan accordingly. Let’s started with the same right away.


It is one of the most common attacks that has already cost businesses around the world millions. Phishing is basically a process where the attacker tries to build or grab the attention of an individual to get into their system and eventually get a complete hold of the network. Attackers generally do with the help of emails that claim to provide big offers and discounts. As and when the user clicks on the links, the attacker gets hold of the system and makes a move ahead. So, it is important that the businesses invest in employee training that helps them get proper knowledge about these aspects and keep themselves away.

>>DoS and DDoS

The next and the most important cyberattack that you must keep an eye on this year has to Denial-of-service attack. This form of attack is basically making the system overwhelmed to the point that they stop answering the legit request for the services. DDOS or Distributed denial of service attack is also very much similar where the attacker tries to get the resources of the system out. This type of attack is processed with a wide range of malware host machines that is fully under the control of the hacker.


MITM or Man in the middle is another type of cyber attack that allows the attacker to get hold of the data. In this type of attack, the criminal is going to get hold of the data that is exchanged between two people. This means they get access to the network and are the middlemen when two people are communicating via that particular network. This allows them to get a complete hold of the respective data that can be misused and eventually cause a lot of harm to businesses around.

>>Spear-phishing Attacks

Another different type of cyberattack is a spear-phishing attack. The attacker here plans to find the right target and prepare messages that can help them connect with the same. They try to build personal relationships that can help them win the trust and eventually get the data they are looking for.

>>Whale-phishing Attacks

When it comes to whale-phishing attacks, refer to targeting the big fish or whales of the respective company or organization and trying to sneak into their data and information through different means. As big fish always have the information that can be beneficial for the attackers, they strategize to connect with them and allow themselves to get hold of their system or device that can assist them in getting access to the data.


With this type of attack, the victim’s device is captured, and the attackers request a sum of money so that they can get back the access. If the victim agrees and pays the requested amount, the attacker is going to prove the instructions through which they can get back control of their device again.

>>Password Attack

The most popular form of attack has to be the password that you must keep an eye on this year. It is important for all to make their passwords unique and difficult to remember. Not only this, it is essential for them to update the passwords regularly so that the attacker finds it difficult to crack. The attacker is always using the information they have to crack the password and get hold of your accounts. So, it is important that you keep the passwords unique using numbers, special characters, and various other prospects.

Last Words

These are the different types of cyber-attacks that you must keep an eye on all the time. With cyber security issues on the rise, it is important that you connect with a reliable and proficient specialist to assist you with all these problems. They can design the best cybersecurity strategy that can help your business operate without having to worry about these hurdles. Good luck!


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