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Certified Cloud Security Engineer (CCSE) Certification Course

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EC Council's Cloud Security Engineer Certification Course allows you to learn the latest techniques to design infrastructure that is fully secure and protected on Google Cloud Platform. This course helps you enhance your know-how of the best security practices to develop, design, and administer your infrastructure using Google security technologies. It not only helps you enhance your theoretical understanding but also assists you in improving practical skills related to cloud security.

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Cloud Security Engineer Course Description

Curated by professionals, EC Council’s Certified Cloud Security Engineer Course deals with vendor-specific and neutral theories and concepts. This Cloud Security Training deals with concepts related to cloud security technologies, practices, principles, and frameworks that define vendor-neutral theories. It also helps you with all the practical skill sets that are required configured different cloud applications, including AWS, GCP, and Azure, that define vendor-specific theories.

The Cloud Security Engineer Certification Course is a perfect balance of practical and theoretical skills that help you understand all the techniques to secure cloud infrastructure by following standards and regulations set to maintain security. This CCSE course is synced with the real-time job duties so that you are ready to deliver the best of services right from day1. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cybersecurity expert, this course can train you according to the latest job responsibilities.

As a professional cloud security engineer, you are able to design a secure cloud infrastructure. You become a sound professional to execute best security practices to keep the cloud infrastructure protected from all kinds of risks and vulnerabilities. You get a proper understanding of Google security technologies through this EC Council CCSE training. Not only this, but you also learn how to identity and access management, incident responses, and assess Google Cloud Platform logs.

Take a look at why you must not hesitate and upgrade your profile to Cloud Security Engineer:

EC Council cloud security certification makes you eligible for 20+ cybersecurity job roles and opportunities that help you have an excellent career ahead.
According to the latest reports, it has been learned that there are more than 100000+ jobs available for cloud security engineers on LinkedIn alone.
Another major reason why you must not hesitate and consider opting for a cloud security engineer is it is average salary.
This EC Council cloud security training helps you gain complete concepts of Vendor-specific and Vendor-neutral cloud concepts.

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    CCSE Certification Exam Information

    Below mentioned are the exam details for the EC Council Cloud Security Engineer Certification Course.

    • Number of Questions: 125
    • Test Format: Multiple Choice
    • Test Duration: 4 Hours
    • Test Delivery: EC-Council Exam Portal

    Cloud Security Engineer Training Objectives

    Successful completion of the certification training empowers you with across the board understanding of:

    • Assessing, planning, and implementing the best cloud platform security. 
    • Secure access to the cloud resources with the assistance of identity and access management.
    • Assess and manage the cloud network infrastructure of the organization by using different security tools, and controls offered by the service provider.
    • Assess cloud storage procedures and vulnerabilities associated with the data stored in the cloud.
    • Managing and implementing cloud security on different platforms that include Azure, AWS, and GCP
    • Getting better knowledge of the shared responsibility model used by the organization.
    • Acknowledging the process to secure cloud data from the risks and attacks.
    • Assessing different cloud security programs, compliance standards, and attributes in an offer by Azure, AWS, and GCP.
    • Performing cloud security audits.
    • Ways to detect the threat and the ideal response in an offer by GCP, AWS, and Azure.
    • They are assessing and mitigating risks, vulnerabilities, and threats attached to cloud platform security.
    • Integrating the best steps to keep the cloud infrastructure components like storage, network, and management fully protected.
    • Keeping the cloud applications secure by following the best SDLC of cloud applications and executing additional security tools to boost the protection of hosted cloud applications.
    • GRC framework designing and implementation, incident response strategy, and continuity plan for cloud solutions.
    • Using the security tools and services offered by Azure, GCP, and AWS to keep the cloud environment secure.
    • Getting better knowledge of the legal implications related to cloud computing can help in boosting organization security.
    • Executing operational controls and following the best techniques to develop, operate, administer, and manage the cloud architecture.
    • Learn and execute security for different cloud environments that include private, hybrid, and multi-tenant.

    Cloud Security Engineer Course Content

    Businesses around the world require cloud security engineers to assist them in developing secure cloud architecture, executing incident response, and tracking vulnerabilities. They work with the prime objective of keeping cloud storage away from any kinds of threats. When it comes to Certified Cloud Security Engineer Course, it is an exciting combination of vendor-neutral and vendor-specific theories. It helps candidates to get a better understanding of the fundamentals that can help them get job-ready. Take a look at the modules covered in the certification course:

    You are going to learn more about the concepts related to cloud computing, cloud-based vulnerabilities, and threats to cloud service models. You learn more about the shared security responsibility model and evaluation.
    In this domain of Certified Cloud Security Engineer course, you get to learn more about the key technologies and components involved in cloud architecture. You get a proper understanding of the approach followed to keep cloud components secure using the techniques and tools provided by AWS, Azure, and GCP.
    This module focuses on the best possible techniques being followed to secure cloud applications. It helps you get a proper understanding of multiple tools and services for app security in GCP, AWS, and Azure.
    In this section, you get a proper understanding of cloud data storage, its lifecycle, and different controls for keeping the data secure at rest and in transit while being in the cloud. You also learn about data storage features, tools, and services to keep the data stored securely. 
    This domain helps you get proper knowledge of security controls that are important in the process of development, implementation, operation, management of logical and physical cloud infrastructures. 
    This section CCSE course gives you a complete understanding of how to execute the penetration testing process and evaluate the security of the cloud infrastructure. It helps you understand the tools and services to be used for penetration testing in GCP, Azure, and AWS.
    This domain helps you gain a proper understanding of IR. It helps you cover the IR lifecycle and techniques taken into consideration for the purpose of responding and identifying incidents. It also focuses on SOAR technologies and IR capabilities.
    This CCSE domain helps you get a proper understanding of forensic investigation, challenges faced during the forensic inspection, methods of data collection, security incidents investigation, and more.
    This section of the CCSE course helps you get proper knowledge of business continuity, disaster recovery strategy in the IR domain, backup and recovery services, tools, and attributes, in an offer by Azure, AWS, and GCP to track business continuity problems.
    This domain helps you get a proper understanding of the different governance models, frameworks, and regulations. Not only this, it helps you learn more about the design and execution of governance frameworks in the cloud. It also addresses cloud compliance frameworks and elaborates on the AWS, Azure, and GCP governance modules.
    In this section of the CCSE course, you get to learn more about policies, standards, and legal problems related to the cloud. You also get to learn about the services, attributes, and tools required for auditing and compliance in Azure, AWS, and GCP.
    This section helps you get proper knowledge of the security of hybrid, private, and multi-tenant cloud models. This domain has lists of some of the best techniques followed to secure AWS, VMWare Cloud, Azure hybrid cloud setups, GCP, and multi-tenant clouds.
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      If you have questions or doubts associated with our EC Council Cloud Security Engineer Certification Course, then take a look at the below-mentioned FAQs to help you get a proper answer for the same:

      Yes, it certainly is the right course to start, or you are a professional! You can pursue the course of CCSE to enhance your security knowledge in the cloud infrastructure domain and enhance the chances of availing of better career opportunities.
      You must not hesitate and consider applying for EC Council Certified Cloud Security Engineer training if you are desire to have a career as:
      1. Network Security Engineer
      2. Network security administrator
      3. Cyber security engineer
      4. Network security analyst
      5. Cloud administrator
      6. Cyber security analyst
      7. Cloud engineer
      8. Cloud analyst
      9. Info Security Professionals
      10. CND certified professionals
      The demand for cloud security engineers has been growing in organizations around the world. To assist them in developing protected cloud infrastructure, executing incidence response plans, monitoring vulnerabilities, and mitigating cloud-based threats, certified cloud security engineers are needed. The engineers with complete clarity on vendor-neutral and vendor-specific concepts can certainly have a great future ahead. These CCSE candidates are upgraded with job-ready practical skills that can assist them in growing significantly. 
      The key components of the EC Council Certified Cloud Security Engineer course are:
      • Vendor-specific and Vendor-neutral cloud concepts
      • 50+ intensive labs
      • Real-time practical training using multi-cloud

      Training Options

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      • 90 days of flexible access to online classes
      • Lifetime access to high-quality live class recordings
      • 24x7 learner assistance and support
      • Classes starting from:-
      First Batch: 7th Feb
      Second Batch: 1st Mar

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      • Blended learning delivery model (self-paced eLearning and/or instructor-led options)
      • Flexible pricing options
      • Enterprise grade Learning Management System (LMS)
      • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
      • 24x7 learner assistance and support

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