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CCNA Training Course in Pune (CCNA 200-301)

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CCNA training in Pune is pursued to help individuals gain proper understanding and know-how of the constantly upgrading IT infrastructure and landscape. CCNA course in Pune covers all the aspects that are related to CCNA exams and helps many hone the skills that can help them dominate in a practically driven training atmosphere. Get yourself registered with Securium Solutions now and avail all the assistance to pursue CCNA hassle-free.

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Offensive Security Certified Trainer and Risk Assessment specialist in Securium Solutions plays important role in Educating others about the Risk associated with the Digital World. Expertise in Forensics, R&D helps Corporates and Students to gain more n more from his Trainings.

CCNA Course in Pune Descriptions

CCNA course in Pune is a perfect program for professionals who are thinking about making it big in the field of networking or IT. This CCNA training program is designed in such a way that it covers a wide range of IT-related fundamentals to help you have a bright career in this field. With the help of the CCNA training in Pune, you gain a good knowledge of networking technologies and help you avail the skills that are in-demand in the field of information technology.

This CISCO CCNA course in Pune provides the information you require to acknowledge, design, and suggest the best Cisco solutions for businesses around the world. It helps you avail the information related to configuration, installation and troubleshooting the Cisco products. You are going to be assisted with lectures, labs, and interactive cases to enhance your understanding of the products and how to use them to match customers’ needs.

Pursuing the CCNA Training course, you get to learn about networking fundamentals, wireless networks, Wide Area Networks, IP connectivity, Security fundamentals, IP services, and programmability. There are many more advantages of pursuing the CCNA Course in Pune, and a few of them are mentioned below. Check it out:

With CCNA certification, you are benefited from a launchpad that can boost your career in computer networking or IT technology.
With the help of the CCNA course, you get a holistic view of different network security concepts and networking fundamentals.
Pursuing the CCNA Certification course helps you learn advanced networking concepts that include programmability and automation.
It assists you in having a hands-on learning experience that surely boosts your confidence while getting ahead in your professional life.
The CCNA certifications give you an edge to dominate in your professional life by adding humongous value to your resume.

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    CCNA Exam Information

    Below mentioned are the exam details for CCNA Course.

    • Number of Questions: 120
    • Test Format: Multiple Choice
    • Test Duration: 120 Minutes
    • Certification Name: 200-301 CCNA
    • Passing Score: 849 on scale of 1000

    CCNA Training Objectives

    Successful completion of the certification training empowers you with across the board understanding of:

    • Learn the functions and role of various network components that include controllers, switches, routers, IPS, next-generation firewalls, and many more.
    • It helps you Interpret different network infrastructure topologies.
    • Understand how to work on IPV4 and IPV6 addressing configurations.
    • Learn switching and virtualization fundamentals concepts.
    • Verify and also configure VLANs multiple switches, EtherChannel (LACP), discovery protocols.
    • Get to learn CISCO AP models, wireless architecture, and components of WLAN.
    • Understand the different routing table components and how the router makes decisions that are forwarding.
    • Learn how to Configure IPV4 and IPV6 routing.

    CCNA Certification Course Outline

    CISCO CCNA Certification is a globally recognized certification that helps individuals kickstart their professional life in the field of IT technology. This extensively valued credential also helps employers in choosing the right profiles for different job roles. This shows how CCNA certification can avail different benefits in their field of service. Take a look at the outline of the CCNA Course in Pune that is going to be covered:

    In this module of the CCNA certification course, you get to understand the role and function of network components, characteristics of network topology architectures, virtualization fundamentals, wireless principles, and many other concepts of network fundamentals.
    You get to learn more about the concepts related to Access ports (data and voice), Default VLAN, Connectivity, basic operations of Rapid PVST+ Spanning Tree Protocol, Cisco Wireless Architectures and AP modes, and a lot more in this module of the CCNA training program.
    This segment of the CCNA course helps you get complete clarity on the concepts related to Routing protocol code, Prefix, Network mask, Next-hop, Administrative distance, Metric, and a lot more.
    Pursuing the respective module of the CCNA certification course, you get to learn more about the role of DHCP and DNS within the network, the function of SNMP in network operations, the use of Syslog features, and more,
    In this module of the CCNA certification program, you get a better understanding of key security concepts that include vulnerabilities, threats, mitigation techniques, and exploits. You also get to know about security program elements that include user training, awareness, physical access control, and a lot more.
    In this domain of the CCNA certification program, you get to understand how automation impacts network management, traditional networks with controller-based networking, controller-based and software-defined architectures, and more.

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      If you have queries related to our CCNA Training Course in Pune, then below mentioned are a few of the FAQs that can make it easy for you to get a proper understanding of the same:

      Cisco has exclusively brought together the previous associate-level certifications together into a single one. So, now there is going to be only one exam and one syllabus as given above at the associate level. It has implemented CCNA 200-301 exam to make it easy for the candidates to choose their certification paths.
      It completely depends on the way your study habits are and how much you are dedicated to it. If you are giving more than 4 hours daily to your course, then definitely it is going to help you get prepared in a matter of around five months.
      Yes! You can consider giving CCNA examinations online without any hassle. Whether you are in the office or at home, you can get your examination cleared without any difficulty online. Make sure that there is no distraction or disturbance during the time of exams.
      Being a networking expert, you will be able to avail yourself of industry-supported credentials and skills that can help get the best out of upcoming employment opportunities. The CCNA certification will able to promote the fact that you have the required skills to get the job done efficiently, and you are certified in Network Technologies.
      To consider pursuing a CCNA course, one must have a proper understanding of Networking Technologies and Computer Hardware. Not only this, it is important that you have a basic understanding of TCP/IP and networking as well. Without the respective skills and understanding, it becomes very difficult for an applicant to move ahead in the respective course.
      Not all will be able to pass the exam on their first attempt like any other certification. According to stats, it takes three attempts for one to clear the respective exam. One can sit for the exams an endless number of times. There is no limit to the same.
      Taking the route of CCNA certification helps you avail of the most respected certifications in the market. It helps you get new opportunities for better positions and packages. The average salary growth after availing of CCNA certification is more than 20%.
      There are no formal eligibility criteria to sit for the CCNA exams. This makes CCNA certifications a very attractive choice for graduates to pursue the respective course as companies around the world are constantly looking for Network Engineers with CCNA certifications, irrespective of their experience.

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