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CompTIA A+ Core-2 Exam Voucher

CompTIA A+ Core-2 Exam Voucher Overview

CompTIA A+ 220-1001 (Core 1) OR 220-1002 (Core 2) examination is a 90 minute examination where an examinee has to score 675 marks on a scale of 100-900 in Core 1 i.e. 220-1001 and 700 on a scale of 100-900 in Core 2 i.e. 220-1002. There will be maximum 90 questions per exam, which will be multiple choice questions (both single and multiple responses), drag and drops and performance based.

CompTIA A+ Core 1 exam  would be based on mobile devices, network technology, hardware, visualization & cloud computing and network troubleshooting. Whereas, CompTIA A+ Core 2 exam  will be based on installing & configuring operating systems, expanded security, software troubleshooting and operational procedures. An Examinee has to clear both 220-1001 and 220-1002 CompTIA A+ exams to earn certification and the exams cannot be combined across the series. 

Terms & Conditions:

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  • Once the voucher expires, the certification assessment attempt become invalid.
  • The voucher code in this order may be used once and is not transferable to other products.
  • CompTIA the right to make changes in voucher expiration dates. Expiration dates are subject to change depending on course and promotion availability.
  • The certification assessment attempt becomes invalid, once the voucher expire
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CompTIA A+ 220-1001 Exam Voucher



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Recommended Experience for CompTIA A+ Exam

Following is experience wanted in a candidate who is appearing required for the CompTIA A+ Exam :- 

  • Students appearing for this examination should have a minimum of 9 to 12 months of hands-on experience in the lab or field.

CompTIA A+ Exam Voucher Details

This CompTIA A+ exam  requires following 9 sets of skills and knowledge :-

  • It is an entry level examination which requires knowledge of Information Technology, technical and professional skills.
  • Windows Operating System.
  • Software Troubleshooting.
  • Networking
  • Hardware & Network Troubleshooting.
  • Security
  • Mobile Devices
  • Other OS & Technologies.
  • Operational Procedures.

Prerequisites For The CompTIA A+ Exam Voucher

To sit for CompTIA a+ exam, the students should have completed the CompTIA IT Fundamentals course or should have the basic knowledge on how to use a PC, Windows and browsing the web. 

  • It is expected from the examinees to recognize the main components of a PC as well as storage media like USB Drives and DVD.
  • They should know how to start the computer and navigate through the operating system desktop.
  • They should possess knowledge on how to use Windows Explorer to create directories and sub-directories and manage various files.
  • They should be able to browse the web in order to view different recommended websites.

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    If you have queries related to our voucher, then below mentioned are a few of the FAQs that can make it easy for you to get a proper understanding of the same:

    CompTIA A+ certified professionals are proven problem solvers who support today’s core technologies ranging from cloud to security to data management and many more. ComTIA A+ is an industry standard examination, which aims to launch IT careers into today’s digital world.

     CompTIA A+ Exam Voucher is valid for one year from the purchase date. So you must take your CompTIA exam for the expiry date of CompTIA exam voucher.


    The students who are willing to take the CompTIA A+ exam can go to CompTIA official website and register for the Core Series examination.


    A detailed study guide is provided by the CompTIA itself which the examinees can purchase from its official website, which also provides mock examinations for practicing. You can also join us for getting in-depth knowledge about CompTIA


    A student who wants to get CompTIA A+ Certification has to appear and pass in both 220-1001 (Core 1) and 220-1002 (Core 2) examination to earn the certificate and need to pass the examination.