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CISSP Domain 2: Asset Security

CISSP Domain 2 - Asset Security

In this blog, we will cover CISSO Domain 2- Asset Security. Assets mean essential data, information, and facilities that come with a good value. All these aspects need security as there are many who are planning to misuse the gaps in your structure and get away with these assets.

This is when asset security comes into play. We are here to help you understand every single aspect of asset security, the second domain of CISSP. It comes with different sections that can assist you with a complete understanding of the same. So, let’s get going and understand all about the world of Asset Security.

Asset Security: Identification And Classification

As the name suggests, this aspect of Asset Security helps you understand the different steps of identifying the important details of the business that needs protection. Here you need to check the details like financial information, credit card details, passwords, upcoming projects, and more. These details just cannot get in the wrong, and for this, you need to have security in place. This is what you pursue in this module of Asset Security. You learn to classify all the information and work on the ways that can add security to all of it.  

With the help of classification, you get a complete understanding of business core information that needs security. You understand the information that needs integrity, confidentiality, and proper accessibility. Here you learn about:

1. Accessibility of the data

2. Security of the data

3. Time to retain the data

4. Techniques to dispose of the data

5. Data encryption

6. Data usage

These classifications differ from one sector to another, and accordingly, the expert needs to move ahead with their security actions. Hopefully, you got complete clarity about the respective module of asset security. Now when you are completely clear about the same, let’s check with the next module that comes in the respective domain of CISSP.

Asset Security: Protect privacy

Today, we all know how important the role of data privacy is, especially when we are sharing so much information online. It is important for businesses to have the right approach in place to execute data privacy policies and protocols. As the cyber attack is getting higher with every passing day, businesses need to work on different data privacy prospects that can help them keep their information safe.

Data privacy has been taken into consideration since the 1300s, and since then, it has evolved significantly in every aspect. When it comes to data privacy, there are several aspects that need to be kept in mind, and they are. Take a look:

1. Ensuring that the personal data shared online is minimum.

2. Make sure that all the data is not accessible by the ones who are not authorized to access it.

3. Different security policies are in place to keep all the data secure from hackers and attackers.

These pointers show how data privacy works. It is important that all the protocols are in implementation by the businesses to maintain their data property and keep it away from all the attackers. The CISSP experts are going to assess them same and bring them into execution to keep your data secure, whatever the situation.

Asset Security: Retention

In this module on Asset Security, you are going to learn more about the data retention policy. This policy helps in the process of storing, retaining, and then destroying the data as per the business needs. This is why businesses today imply different asset retention policies so that they can have complete control over their business data. If you think the steps to be taken for the process of data retention, then the below pointers can certainly help. Take a look:

1. Data classification

2. Getting hold of the business requirements

3. Drafting policies for data retention

4. Acknowledging retention duration

5. Providing training to employees

6. Justifying retention policies

7. Reviewing the policy regularly

8. Regular auditing

9. Proper documentation

It is important for all businesses to get the data classification done to understand the duration of the retention. Accordingly, you can work on the policies and help businesses to keep their assets secure. The experts are going to help the businesses draft their retention policies and ensure that the assets are fully safe and secure from all types of issues.

Hopefully, you got complete clarity about the data retention policies. Now let’s understand the next module covering data security controls.

Asset Security: Security Controls

In this module, you get complete clarity about the steps to be taken in different situations and circumstances. Let’s check out the same:

Data In Rest: This talks about the data stored for different purposes. These are basically offsite storage, backup tapes, and passwords. So, here you learn how to have complete control over these sensitive data and ensure that it is fully secure from any kind of attack and threat.

Data In Transit: Here, we are talking about the data being distributed from one destination to another. Here the expert needs to ensure that the respective business data that is in transit is not accessible to any other part or any unauthorized personality. You learn about the process of keeping all of it under your control.

Asset Security: Develop Requirements

In this module, you get a complete understanding of the process that ensures helps you identify all the information and manage the same without any hassle. Here the experts are using labels to market the information and categorize them. You can mark the information in the form of secret, top secret, and others as per your business needs. This makes the entire process of managing assets a lot easier.

This approach helps in the process of securing accessibility and storage of the different business data as per their value. The ones that can make a difference are under high-security protection.

Last Words

Hopefully, you got complete clarity about the CISSP domain 2 in the name of Asset Security and how it plays a crucial role in different security domains. If you are thinking about getting a better understanding of the same, then you can consider connecting with the experts at Securium Solutions and get complete assistance. You get the best facilities and professionals to help you clear CISSP certification and have a remarkable career in your respective field. Good luck!


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