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Remember These 7 Ways in Mind to Avoid Having Your Twitter Account Hacked

7 ways to avoid having your Twitter account hacked

There have been several instances of Twitter accounts being attacked in recent months. With stolen information and fraudulent links, malicious hackers mainly target Accounts on Twitter with a great number of followers. In addition to possibly exploiting confidential data for financial advantage, hackers can use Twitter accounts to reveal account data as part of cybercriminals operations and publish email messages, database dumps, and other confidential material.

Recent Incidents of Twitter Account Hacking in India

12-December-2021: Prime Minister Narendra Modi's official Twitter account was temporarily compromised on 12-December-2021. Attackers shared a tweet with a Link claiming that India has officially recognized cryptocurrency as legitimate money. It was also claimed that the ministry has purchased 500 BTC and is issuing them to all national citizens.

02-January-2022: Twitter Accounts of the Indian Council of World Affairs, the Indian Medical Association, and Mann Deshi Mahila Bank were compromised on 02-12-2021, and the profile changed to Elon Musk to trick people into fraudulent cryptocurrency scams. The posted content supported cryptocurrencies in tweets from these accounts. This happened just weeks after PM Modi's account was attacked, with a similar theme of tweets after his public statements on crypto-currency.

12-January-2022: The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting's Twitter account was hacked on 12-January-2022. The hackers changed the profile's identity to 'Elon Musk' and began tweeting "great job" messages. Some malicious links were also posted by hackers to make people click on those links. It lasted about 10-15 minutes before the Twitter account was restored.

22-January-2022: The official Twitter account of the National Disaster Response Force was attacked on 22-January-2022. The account suddenly tweeted some unexpected posts, and the already uploaded official tweets took several hours to display. The account began sending tweets by referencing a National Disaster Management Authority post.

How to Secure Your Twitter Account?

(A) Make strong passwords that you shouldn't use on any other platforms. For the email account linked with your Twitter handle, you should generate a password that is fairly strong and distinctive. On your Settings page, you may also choose Password to reset protection option. If you select this option, you'll be asked to provide your email id or mobile number in order to receive a security passcode if you forget your login details.

(B) Always use two-factor identification so that only those with both your password and your mobile phone (or a secret key) will be able to access your account. It is an additional element of privacy and safety rather than depending just on a password.

(C) Be careful of fraudulent URLs and double-check that you're on twitter.com before entering your credentials. Phishing web pages often resemble the login page of a Twitter account, but they are not real. The root domain for Twitter subdomains will always be https://twitter.com/.

(D) Never try giving out your credentials to anyone else, particularly those who promise to increase your following, give you money, or confirm your identity. By email, Direct Messaging, or replies, Twitter would never ask for your credentials. Never access a document from any emails that promise to be from Twitter, or run any material from it.

(E) Ensure that all of your application programs, as well as your browsers, are updated with the newest and using anti-virus applications. If you're on a computer at work, remember to sign out of Twitter after you're finished.

(F) Check twitter notifications - When a user has logged in to their account from a different device, Twitter will send them a push notice or an email. They also send an email to the previously-used email address on the account whenever the email address linked is changed. These warnings will assist you in regaining control of your account if it has been compromised.

(G) Use third-party programs with safety - Many third-party software require you to connect with your Twitter handle. It's a good idea to keep an eye on the apps that have direct connections to your Twitter profile.

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